Halo 5 Guardians Will Have A New Positional Audio System, Dev Comments On Active Reload System

New Halo 5 information rolls out through Twitter.

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Halo 5 art

Finally some news for Halo 5 that doesn’t involve spoilers or Agent Locke. Leading to the game’s launch in October, the game is seeing improvements and tweaks being made. This includes a new audio system being introduced to the game and the introduction and implementation of a spectator mode for multiplayer e-sport-like viewing.

Josh Holmes, the Studio Head for Halo 5: Guardians, has been using Twitter recently to answer fan questions. When he was asked if the game would ever use an active reload system (think of Gears of War’s reloading), Holmes replied, “Could be cool but would take a lot of balancing. Something to consider for H6. :).” Personally I don’t think it would make sense to have a Spartan, which is basically a super soldier, reload faster or better than they already can by default.

When another player brought up the question of whether footstep noise would be changed to allow for better 1v1, 2v2 and sometimes 4v4 matches, Holmes responded, “Audio mix in beta was temp, we have a new positional audio system coming. Mix will improve.” So perhaps this new audio system will allow for better implementation of world audio with realistic echoes. Fingers crossed.

And finally, when asked if the game would feature a spectator view mode for those that like to watch gameplay, he simply responded, “Yes indeed there will be.” I’m quite ok with that feature.

Halo 5 Guardians will apparently have a big showing at E3 this June. The game will launch exclusively on Xbox One on October 27, 2015.

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  • JoinTheRest

    This game is going to define this generation.

    • Luke Perry Glover

      I would be quite happy if that’s true 🙂

    • Guest


    • Agent_Blade

      Alright now lets not get ahead of ourselves. I like Halo but lets not get carried away.

  • Darkchief117

    I hope there’s a theater mode, yes I know we can record game play on the Xbox One by telling it to record but it only records like 10 seconds. I want it to record the full gameplay.

  • DTR

    Playing all the FPSs from the last few years, I’ve noticed most of them, if not all of them are twitch shooters; games that require reflexes over skill.
    The MCC, in its current state, proved to me that Halo is still the best FPS around for anyone who wants to play with skill on a console, and oddly enough, proved an underpowered console could display a beautiful remaster of Halo 2; it makes every other recent FPS look bland on both X1, PS4 , and even, dare I say it, anything I’ve touched on my PC. Stylized games flourish on consoles, not hyper realistic boring rubbish. The colour palette was gorgeous in H2A, we need more developers who understand the merrits of simple elegance mixed with good lighting engines and interesting art. Stop trying to get blood out of a stone, the x1 and PS4 aren’t powerful enough to display what all these teenagers want (high res textures+FXAA+1080p60+high LOD+AF etc.); develops need to focus on gameplay as they did in the 90s.
    The Halo 5 beta impressed me much, much more than I expected. The weapon sound effects were meaty sounding, and unique. I believe I’ve read that they recorded existing guns with unique firing mechanisms, such as a Thompson, to work upon, in order to create soundbites that are truly unique; this is exciting!
    There are only 2 things I detested about the beta, and the first is the shield.
    I didn’t feel like a ginetically enhanced, 7 foot, power armour wearing super soldier when I died in under 3 seconds; I hope the shield is at least 50% stronger and they bring back the classic shield low soundbite.
    The second thing that was awful was the Spartan voices.
    The Spartans sounded like they were 16, not giant enhanced men and women. Some voice actors that would make fantastic Spartans include John DeMagio or Bennedict Cumberbatch, or even some foreign actors, Ken Watanabe or Mads Mikkelsen; not this dude bro teenage sounding rubbish.
    I want Halo 5 to take the crown for the only game in 2015 which isn’t a damn twitch shooter.

    • Sean Miller

      Reflexes are a skill.

    • DTR

      When every game has so much aim assist, not really.

    • Sean Miller

      Then it’s not the reflexes. It’s aim assist. I always turn it off. In most games, it’s off by default anyways. If someone shoots you with a sniper rifle round in real life, whether it is in the foot or not, you’re not going to be going very far. Unless someone takes out that sniper, you’re dead. So I would say, most of the time when you’re shot 3 times, you die. Whether that means you died as a direct result of the shot or bleeding out…

    • DTR

      I don’t believe you. Taking aim assist off makes no sense when everyone else has it on; you’ll be at a disadvantage. Controllers require moderate aim assist because they lack the precise nature of a mouse.

      I’m debating game mechanics, not the actual physics of a sniper rifle. I’m talking about skill, which twitch shooters require little there of. You can sit in a corner and just spray bullets at passers by because they die too fast and there is little they can do; in Halo, a person can best an ambusher with superior aim or better use of the environment.

      The awful mechanics of CoD mean that one person can best an entire team, whereas in Halo, teamwork and map control often decide the result of a game, but a truly skilled player can dominate alone because they can sustain accurate fire for long periods.

      Halo demands accuracy, twitch shooters don’t.

    • Sean Miller

      Aim assist does not exist in any multiplayer modes. It isn’t in CoD: BOII, Halo 4, CoD: Ghosts, or AW. It is not an option AND they intentionally configure it without it.

    • DTR

      I think you”l find that isn’t true, although the assist is reduced, it’s certainly there.
      There is aim assist in Halo 4, I played it for many hours and concluded the reticle did indeed stick to targets. AW still has it, I actually tested it in case I was wrong last night.
      A SH dev replied on twitter saying that they needed auto aim because of the character movement speed, although reduced from previous games.
      On both Halo 4 and AW, there is a higher bullet magnetism as well.
      I can’t comment on Ghosts or BO2 because I haven’t played them.
      There’s a reason CoD attracts younger players, because it’s a more casual experience. That isn’t a bad thing though; I’ve sunk hundreds of happy hours into CoD. Nothing beats 4 friends on WaW zombies after a few drinks 🙂

    • Mark

      Although I’m a COD slave…..agreed!


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