Halo 5 Guardians: Xbox MVP Details The Game’s Graphics And Gameplay

Halo 5 is shaping up well ahead of an E3 showing.

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Halo 5 Guardians

We are well on our way to seeing some new Halo 5: Guardians content at this year’s E3 event, and hype levels for the game couldn’t be higher. In the past few weeks we’ve seen the return of Spartan Blue Team and even the return of ODST Edward ‘Eddie’ Buck as part of Agent Locke’s squad, played by the one and only Nathan Fillion. But what else can you expect to see?

Well thanks to an AMA on the Halo Subreddit, Xbox MVP Dan Hammill has shone some light on things. Regarding the gameplay, Hammill told series fans, “Enemy AI was top notch. Dueling with a sword Elite was a challenge. NOT comparable to Noble team, they were awful. They’re smarter. They talk to each other. One grunt blew all four of us up with a plasma. It was embarrassing. The Jackals jetpack up to you and stuff, but I didn’t see anything else I don’t believe.” He then goes on to mention how the new Promethean Soldiers might have “thrusters”.

Helping command the Team, Hammil talks about how issuing orders works well in the game, saying, “Commands felt as they should: The game was made with them in mind. I wouldn’t call them a gimmick. Think Halo Reach and how awful they all were. GET IN MY WARTHOG! Now you can tell them to with a button.”

On the graphical side of things, he mentions how the graphics have improved quite noticeably from the Beta testing period, he said, “As far as I’m aware I was playing at 1080p at the studio (could be wrong). Beta was 720. It just seemed very smooth.” This was prefaced by Hammill saying that he “didn’t see a stutter” whilst playing the game.

Touching on Multiplayer, he called it a “complementary new epic multiplayer experience”, which is going to be shown of at this years E3 event, set to take place in the next few days.

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    Halo 5 Guardians is gonna be freaking awesome yeah the Beta ran at 720p but i’m 100% sure 343 studios got the resolution up to 1080p and the 60fps frame rate seems consistent as well

    • Mark

      Personally I want whatever’s best for the frame rate, even if it’s dynamic 1080…..we have the Witcher to thank for that.

    • Graeme Willy

      COD Advanced Warfare did it, too. But I didn’t buy that game lol
      It all comes down to the engine, as to whether or not it’s coded to support that.

  • Terminator


  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We are asking for 792p. As it’s best suited for raw fast placed action.
    like we did for Titanfall and Watchdogs.
    Forza 5 was only released in 1080p to show GAF games can be 1080p if we want them 2 be, They said 720-900p system for life, it’s not.

  • avi

    halo 5 is going to be so damn epic.

  • Great article, this E3 is really shaping up to be huge!

  • lj2387

    The campaign trailer’s graphics were pretty bad. The water and explosion effects were comically bad and the blur and anti-aliasing was hideous. Is this really the best the Xbox One has to offer? I doubt it, considering Battlefront is one of the most impressive games graphically I’ve ever seen, and it’s been in development shorter than Halo 5.

    • Graeme Willy

      Yeah, it’s suffering the same as last generation. The explosion effects are lame in Halo 4. Take for instance the first level, when the ship is getting pulled into the Forerunner planet and the covenant ship explodes after you hit it with the missile. It just falls apart into chunks lol. It’s obviously based on the Halo 4 engine. Looks exactly the same as the MC collection Halo 4 graphics.

  • Graeme Willy

    At first, the whole thing with Locke had me disinterested. I’ll feel dirty playing some Spartan that’s out to hunt a rogue Master Chief. I don’t want to play that role. F–Locke. I don’t give two sh**s about that Spartan. As far as Master Chief, however, heck yeah! I have been waiting for over a decade for a Halo game containing the Spartan II Blue Team; Kelly, Fred, Linda…it’s too bad what happened to Sam, that was a sad moment in the books.

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