Halo 5 Microtransactions Have Generated At Least $1 Million

Hate them all you want, sounds like they were a pretty big hit for Microsoft.

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Although the announcement of their inclusion in the game was met with outcry and a general antipathy from the fans and community, it appears as though the microtransactions in Halo 5: Guardians have been a success for Microsoft. Microsoft have announced that sales from the game’s REQ packs have generated over $1 million in revenue.

These funds are, as Microsoft promised, going to go towards funding the Halo World Championship prize pool, which now stands at $2 million, up from the $1 million that it originally was. So we know that at least $1 million has been generated in microtransactions- chances are, the actual revenue is even more, since Microsoft only ever promised that a ‘portion’ of the total funds will go towards the prize pool.

To understand more about what REQs are, and how they work, and how they impact the game, check out our Halo 5 guide, which covers them in depth. And stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage and information.

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  • GHz

    For the gamers! 🙂

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    Together we have shown we support this and an help them keep costs low.

  • XbotMK1

    Yes, just steal from gamers by adding unwanted microtransactions. Then when people complain, just throw the money in the prize people to claim you’re for the gamers instead of giving that money back to everyone through free newly added content.

    • Terminator

      “Yes, just steal from gamers by adding unwanted microtransactions.”

      Then Sony is doing the same thing with Uncharted 4 adding microtransactions plus a Season Pass.

      “giving that money back to everyone through free newly added content.”

      Didnt you hear? Thats exactly what they are doing, givng us all map packs for free, giving new content for free, heck everything they add to Halo 5 will be free. You pay $60 upfront and everything after that is free. 🙂

      Nice try to lie and misinform like always but you failed 🙂

    • Agent_Blade

      Both companies and many devs and publishers are guilty. What makes this different is that Xbox fans are usually more vocal against micro transactions then most others.

    • Mark

      Even if that’s somehow true, Terminator just stated that we’ll be getting map packs for free, and, a portion of the REQ pack revenue’s goin toward Halo championship. What you’re insinuating is severly illogical…

    • Agent_Blade

      Ok first of all stop using words you don’t understand, second of all micro transactions are a blight on the gaming world and has been proven time and time again. They can sugar coat all they want and you Halo fans just eat it up.

    • Mark

      Sugar coat? How does someone sugar coat their microtransactions when they create and release map packs free of charge? In other words, they could’ve simply charged for BOTH, map packs, and microtransactions. Their reasoning behind providing free map packs is to keep all Halo players playing together, and not segregated like COD or other games.

      That’s IN ADDITION to provisioning a portion of micro items to the tournament. What other games studios do this? And how many? I’ll be waiting….pfff “sugar coat”. Keep waiving that anti-Microsoft flag. U need to be on Naughty Dog’s twitter ranting….

  • Mr Xrat

    Halodrones will defend this.

  • Agent_Blade

    Halo and Xbox fanboys are idiots. Plain and simple and one example is right in article headline.

    • Mark

      Ok, so let’s say we’re idiots. Ok, then what will you be when u buy UC4 micro-transactions, that not only won’t go toward a tournament, but that’s only gonna support multiplayer, on non dedicated servers? Will that make you, more of an idiot than us?

      You might have Blade in your name, but your arguments are as dull as plastic.

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