Does Halo Reach have new gameplay elements?

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Halo Reach is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated games of 2010. Based on the recent scans posted, we at GamingBolt decided to do a short analysis and put forward our assumptions as to what to expect from Halo Reach.

Note: Click the images to see in full screen.

Assumption 1:

Five Player Co-Op mode:

Judging by the image above, it’s safe to assume that Halo Reach will have some sort of co-operative mode, offline as well as online. It would be just amazing if Bungie does implement this and just imagine the fun, if you and four of your buddies can all get together for late night Halo party!

Assumption 2:

Element of stealth:

As you can see from the image above, there might be stealth portions in the game. Here the protagonist: Lieutenant is about to attack his enemy and also if you see the block directly below it, a futuristic helicopter is conducting to what appears a raid search. So stealth elements might be present in the final game.

Assumption 3:

Tactical Elements:

Look at the protagonist’s finger in the image above. He is giving tactical directions to his team mates. Now even though the screen is not in game, but it really gives strong hints towards tactical game play elements.

Assumption 4:

New technology:

It’s not actually an assumption but rather a confirmation of the new tech which will be available in the game. As seen from the image, the game will have new weaponry and upgraded armors. But Bungie seems to have compromised that by introducing tougher enemies as seen in the image.

Also some of the traditional game play elements make a  return. Expect crazy boss battles (the ones in Halo 3 were epic), vehicle sections and awesome gun play fights.

So based on this assumptions what do you think? Will Halo Reach be a hit or a miss?

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  • JQQQ

    Halo just needs to die already. Its like COD now, one game coming out every year and not improving on anything. I loved HALO when it first came out. Me and my friends would meet up every night and link up our xbox’s (i didnt buy that piece of crap i went with ps2 and my ps2 is on its 8th year and now my little brother is playing it since i upgraded to ps3). But i have never ever like the story. Thats all the game has going for it, just good multiplayer, which is not hard to achieve really. All you need is some maps, cool weapons, and friends. After part 1 i never like any of the other halos.

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  • Joe

    youre ‘assuming’ things that we already know to be confirmed, from that very magazine article lol

    1. Five Player Co-Op mode: we know it will have at least 4 player co-op because halo 3 does. Bungie arent in the business of taking away their most popular things.

    2. Element of stealth: they say in that article that you can play the game stealth if you want, even saying that if you sneak up behind enemies you can hold melee and it will do a stealth kill.

    3. Tactical Elements: this one annoys me – any game has tactical elements IF THE PLAYERS USE THEM. people whinge about COD4/MW2 having no ‘tactics’, but they dont realise its up to the players to use tactics, not for the game to force them down your throat. if you want to flank around the other team, DO IT! dont expect the game to do it for you.

  • BeNz

    A fail article is a fail article. I’m guessing you did not even bother to read it. Everything you wrote was already confirmed in the magazine.

  • Alexx

    This was an awful article. The ‘futuristic helicopter thing’ is a Phantom, as anyone who plays Halo would know. Even if you don’t know the name, you should know what it is by the dozens of times it has made appearances in ODST alone. Stealth has been confirmed (by the very article you show), and of course it will have co-op play, Halo 2, 3, and ODST had it. There are a ton of other gameplay additions shown in the article, and if you would bother to read the scans you would know them already.

  • meandmyself

    what do you meen “Expect crazy boss battles (the ones in Halo 3 were epic)” If you mean that the oracle was epic imma puke my guts out.


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