Halo Reach versus Killzone 2 versus Crysis 2: HD Screenshot comparison

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Halo, Killzone and Crysis. What is common between these three? They are all one of the best franchises on their respective platforms. Crysis 2 branches out on the consoles and Halo Reach hits the Xbox 360 some time this year. Both of these games should be visually stunning and should feature stunning environments. But how do they both compare with Killzone 2? So lets compare these three games in different perspectives. All the images are at 720P.

Note:Please click the images to see them in 1280X720.

First Person View


Character Models

Let us know what do you think in the comments section below.

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  • Aubrey

    i have a high end pc and an xbox360 but i dont see the hype behind the halo graphics and game play as well.i have played kill zone two as well and i was left jaws dropped in some area of the game the graphics was so good.definitely thinkin anout buyin a ps3 . but above all crysis is graphically superior when in comes to graphics.cant really compare with halo or kill zone.way better

  • starx

    halo reach looks better than KZ2 specially in terms of AA and polygons count but kz2 looks realy cinematic because of using camera base motion blur and object base motion blur.

  • Orbilator

    I think the gfx in reach are a step up from 3 , but thats only because they were not that great to start with. I still prefer the look of gears to halo/reach. Comparing it to killzone 2 is just pointless. KZ2 tech is way in advance and looks so much better.

    I believe with the above in that the crysis engine is probably the best. but i would say to them, when the crysis engine runs good on the masses compters and not a few super PC’s then i will worship the engine. And i wonder if the engine will look as good on consoles as that is what we are comparing here. Untill then the crysis engine is just to resource hungry to keep everyone happy.

  • paul

    Halo Reach looks as good as KZ2 even in the alpha stage. The CryEngine will top them all. I think eventualy it will be Crysis2 > Halo Reach > KillZone 2.

    • craig

      and it should be better than killzone 2,killzone 2 was released ages ago,but its if it has the atmosphere like killzone 2,i really did feel like i was in a war,i have both consoles but i love my xbox more but killzone 2 blew me away,more than crysis did and i played that maxed out.
      the audio is a big part to gaming for me,not just graphics

  • Cut down on the weed paul. You should definately have gone to specsavers! KZ2 > CRISIS 2 > HALO REACH…… simples!

  • Emperorzhang66

    Crysis 2 > Halo Reach > Killzone 2

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  • abba

    on consoles : killzone 2 > crysis 2 > halo reach

    but when crysis 2 pc version is facoctored in crysis2> killzone2 > halo reach

    however halo looks awful

  • jon

    crysis 2 = KZ2 > Halo

  • Stewie

    Jeez all the psfanboys choose Killzone 2 & all the xbots choose Halo : Reach, It’s obvious Crysis 2 > Killzone 2 > Halo : Reach. Face it! XD

  • yep i agree 100% with abba

  • There’s NO doubt!

    Killzone 2 >PWNS> Crysis 2 >PWNS> Un-REACH-able Shit

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  • mrot

    to be honest crysis 2 is the best lookin one off all 3 killzone 2 is aold already halo reach jesus looks a lilbit worst than killzone 2 why dont we compare killzone 3 jajaja

  • Killzone doesnt pwn Crysis. At all. Halo Reach in the Alpha stage looks better than Alpha Killzone’s alpha stage. Killzone’s graphics are GREAT, but also incredibly overrated. The textures are bland, character models are great, but nothing amazing, and environments are lacking artistically. The effects are where killzone looks great. Crysis, Reach (in final state) and UC2 all look better than killzone 2.

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  • Gio

    1.Killzone sucks ass
    2.Crysis is an alright game
    3.Halo powns all Xbox and ps3 Games

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