Here Is Your First Proper Look At Nintendo Switch Console, Controllers Are Called ‘Joy-Con’

A true console-portable hybrid.

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The Nintendo Switch was formally revealed today in a short, breathtakingly focused video that drove home and sold the concept of this system in a moment of clarity. The Switch is going to be a portable-home console hybrid. But how will that work? Nintendo reveal all in their latest press release, where they also show off the console in more detail.

The Nintendo Switch rests in the Switch Dock at home, basically becoming a home console. You can instantly lift the Switch out of the Dock, at which point it becomes a portable, in the guise of a tablet. The portable has an HD display, and has all the full functionality of the console with no cutbacks. Two controllers attach to each side of the tablet, and they can be detached, to be used both by the one player in an imitation of the Wiimote and Nunchuk, or for multiplayer games.

So basically, slide the tablet out of the dock, and it becomes a portable. Slide it back in, and it becomes a console. When it’s a console, it uses a traditional dual analog controller. In tablet mode, it resembles a Wii U Gamepad more than anything else.

The Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017 worldwide.

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  • lagann

    Day one. Been wanting and waiting to get back into Nintendo and this is it.

    and this is off topic but this pretty much makes the Xbox One S a non purchase as I’m not gonna buy something that pretty much replaces what I already have just with a nicer package and some minorish upgrades. I’ll just wait till the Scorpio…and it seems like Nintendo is going to keep me entertained anyways till then.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      EXACTLY. I have Wii U….but feel pretty much the Switch is EVERYTHING Wii U..heck the original Wii should have been from the start. Had the technology and affordability been there back then possibly, for Nintendo standards that is, they could have done it and been in a better place. It’s good they’re gonna be releasing this and also third parties are on board it’ll be in vain if many, like the first comment here ^, find small details that set them beside themselves for them to change their minds, as Twitter was already divisive on it.

      I grew up on Nintendo so it goes without saying I’ll always get their new systems – as long as they are fun and interesting, like I see the Switch will be .Watch one of the taglines for the marketing be FLIP THE SWITCH XDD but yeah I plan to get the Switch. I just hope the rumor about owning Wii U and some ten select games or so is true.

      Though tbh I wanna keep my Wii U, so that may not make any difference to me. Though I do wanna know what games, and especially initial price will be at launch. If it’s more than three hundred, they’re done js. But yeah this system looks awesome I can’t wait for it. Be great if Nintendo can FINALLY do an HD remake or remaster of Skyward Sword since the Joy Cons can be used like WiiMote and Nunchuk setup sort of. Been wanting that for longest time now ever since Wii U was announced pretty much. I’m in the minority since I know many hated Skyward Sword.

      But besides that from the footage it also seemed there will be enhanced ports of Splatoon and Mario Kart 8. Wonder what other games will be ported or remastered etc. Be great if Hyrule Warriors is, be a good way to gauge a home console sequel I want one SO BADLY. and also a way for them to pack all the DLC together no way I’m paying for the price they put on it, and still have it at a couple years later, it’s even more than what Nintendo put their DLC at, for the content they offered that is.

      Anyway I just hope there’s lotta Nintendo games to choose from. And possibly the new 3D Mario game too at launch. I’m still confused now on whether to play Breath of the Wild on Wii U or NX, hope Nintendo highlights more differences if any between them. Since it was made with Wii U in mind after all. And fact of course that it’s not backwards compatible. First for Nintendo in twenty years so won’t be as simple to choose. I’m hoping they do a Nintendo Direct showing the NX games next month. Though the next Nintendo Direct is supposed to be about Animal Crossing: New Leaf so that may not happen til next year which imho won’t bode well for them, they need to give us more info NOW.

      And yes, ever since Scorpio was announced I’ve wanted it. I’m so excited for the possibilities. Wonder what Microsoft will do to push things forward beyond what they’ve said so far. Imagine we won’t find out til next E3. I’ll be saving up so no matter what the price is I can get it. Though I may just wait til Black Friday anyway for possible deals. Too bad it isn’t coming this year but it’ll be worth the wait. Can’t wait to play many games in native 4K.

      I have a VERY bad feeling PS4 Pro will be replaced next year even though Sony said they won’t. So not sure if I should get that then just hold out for NX now that I know more about it, sort of. Decisions, decisions ~

  • crazy_black_man-


    Day NONE.


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