Here’s How Your Past Choices Will Carry Over To Dragon Age: Inquisition

It’s called Dragon Age Keep, and it’s less than ideal in my opinion.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware’s save file import system for the Mass Effect franchise was revolutionary- it allowed the company to tell an epic, sprawling saga across multiple games that nonetheless remained uniquely tailored to each player who played it, and made playing through all the games a much more rewarding experience. The same system also carried over to Bioware’s other series, Dragon Age, but presented significant issues with Drgon Age: Inquisition- since the game would also be on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and those two systems aren’t compatible with their predecessors, it was unclear how Bioware would retain save data and choices.

Their answer to the problem is Dragon Age Keep, and today they detailed exactly what it would entail and how it would work. And how it will work is not cloud storage and importing, but basically via a questionnaire that covers the choices over the first two games in the series, and lets you recreate your story. According to EA, this system will “let [players] generate their unique world history, eliminate inconsistencies, and store multiple playthroughs.”

Personally, this sounds like a less than ideal solution to me, almost like that interactive comic for Mass Effect that EA introduced when it ported later games in the series to systems that didn’t have the earlier ones (such as Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, or Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U). I would much rather have preferred cloud access for this, especially since it seems to be such a simpler and more intuitive solution for the end customer, but hey, maybe there was some incompatible code or something.

Hopefully this won’t be an issue with future games in the series though.

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  • Mark

    Yeah Pramath I decided not to use this “Keep” option. I never played DA, so I’ll just create my character and start the DA series fresh off on Xbox One. I’ll eventually get caught up to speed on the story and lore, for the sequels this gen. I don’t wanna block my access to something in DA:I just just because I used the “Keep” for earlier story choices, that I haven’t even really made.

    • Solace

      If you can lose access to things based on previous choices, this is going to happen whether you use the Keep or not. The game will have to give you a default world state. It’s not possible for there just not to be one. The only difference is that you won’t know what choices were made for you.

      I don’t think much will be “blocked off” based on previous games’ choices though. In DA2 things that changed were, like, if you encounter this former werewolf character (based on whether you slaughtered or saved the werewolves), or how people talked about the Warden. I highly doubt anything would be legitimately blocked off, beyond some dialogue differences and cameos.

    • nivekious

      I really wish they would diverge more. Ideally by the third game in the series there should have been enough branches that you could essentially start in and play through two completely different games, based on your choices in the first two (ie. one in which the war between mages and templars is happening and one in which Hawke averted/delayed it). Unfortunately that would probably be seen as two much work for no extra money.

    • Solace

      Well, plus then you really would have a huge barrier to entry for anybody coming into the series with later installments. There’s enough to learn about the war and which side the Champion took in it without having to worry about creating an extra game within the next game for starting a temporarily averted war and hoping newcomers aren’t totally lost.

      Plus I’d rather not have to replay two games multiple times just to experience everything in the third.

  • Solace

    My understanding was that save import would have been a technical nightmare. Anyway I like the Keep idea; it’ll give me a chance to review the events of the last two games without having to play them over again. It’s been long enough I could use a refresher. Besides, how could I say no to something narrated by Varric?


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