HoloLens Likely To be Targeted At Enterprise Rather Than Games, PSVR Development Challenges Revealed

Chris Pruett from Robot Invader talks about upcoming tech.

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There has been a lot of speculation whether Microsoft’s Hololens will be used for gaming applications, despite the company showing off a couple of gaming demonstrations in the past. Chris Pruett from Robot Invader believes that the tech will likely be developed for enterprise level applications rather than gaming at first.”It’s too early to tell! But I think that it’s likely to be targeted at enterprise rather than games, at least at first,” Chris said to GamingBolt in a recent interview.

Chris also shared his thoughts on the unique challenges they are facing while developing Dead Secret for PlayStation VR. “VR in general is very difficult to get right from a game play perspective. Many of the common game design patterns used for years on console and PC games simply do not apply to VR. We mentioned the HUD and user interface above, but there are many other areas that are similarly affected. Creating a comfortable motion system, for example, is very hard.”

“Our approach to locomotion is designed around the basic properties of the human vestibular system, and we did a whole lot of user testing to make sure we’d gotten it right. There are many areas like this that we take for granted when playing on a TV that must be completely rethought for VR.”

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  • XbotMK1

    Seems like legit statements.

    • Lordjax Jax

      Guy you’re sick I pity you, you this in several sites disparaging the Xbox, and the the Sony gives you? Remasters, pay to play PS2 games, VR with garbage games, PSN offiline.

      And still a fanboy brand alienated, poor man.

      What about the game is the Bandai if she wants on any console launches including Xbox One, and it is not you or the Sony fanboys who will decide, stay mad.

      And then you liked the PS conference? full of exclusive temporary and ps2 games VR, lol.


    • Truth™

      Much like the 720P PSVR then 🙂

    • andrew

      i think its actually 1080p m8. still not a good resolution for vr and definitely not compared to rift or vive

  • bardock5151

    Hololens has already been confirmed as an enterprise first technology. This isn’t really news.


  • kevin

    Cute how the challenges the dev are facing are for vr in general not just psvr but leave gaming bolt to put it in the headline for that clickbait.

  • Mr Xrat

    Big surprise it got overhyped by MS since reveal for the Xbone.

    • Lordjax Jax

      overhyped was PSVR which was a shame the PS experiencie, mediocre games for a device that costs more than a console. I think the MS saw esssa presentation and preferred invetir in an area where it will be used and recognized than traforma it into a gimmick like the PS VR.


    • Mr Xrat

      Stay in denial, Xbox gimp. VR is the future and you’ll be begging Uncle Phil for proper VR in a year. AR is a gimmick just like Kinect. 🙂

    • Truth™

      Proper VR like Oculus or Vive will only be on PC. Not on the 720PSVR. Even gear VR has better games and a better screen.

      Your meltdown when the PSVR flops will be glorious rscottycuck 🙂

    • Lordjax Jax

      You can fool yourself but not the other, the video by itself shows that you are wrong. Stay mad ponny

    • Mr Xrat

      Nobody cares what some e-celeb thinks about anything, Xgimp. Now take the time to learn to spell. 🙂

    • andrew

      i died when he said “these games are worse than the move games” XDXDXDXDXDXD

    • Truth™

      And it’s just as funny as the 720P PSVR that broke on stage 🙂

    • KennyKT

      Playstation move broke. Not the actual headset nor the PS4.
      If you dont like the PSVR, do us all a favour and dont waste your time posting negative things about the PSVR when clearly you dont know anything about it.

    • Truth™

      Headset tracking broke, fam 🙂

      I know it’s 720P and attached to an underpowered console. I’ll enjoy the tears 🙂


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