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***Contest closed, winners to be announced soon***

We at GamingBolt.com like to give away things. As you guys know that we are currently running the Crysis 2 Nano Edition give away, we thought that why not give away something more?

So our US representative Jim Girgenti decided to dig deep in to the unknown realms of the THQ offices and he was able to find some cool goodies for our awesome readers. Check the video below.

We have four packages with each of them consisting of the following:

  • A novel written by John Milius (Red Dawn, Apocolypse Now) & Raymond Benson
  • A mini Homefront flag
  • An armband

So, how do you win this? Just let us know what do you want to see in Homefront 2 and the four of the best comments gets this package!

So let’s hear something, shall we?

***Contest only open to USA residents.

***Contest closes March 31st, 12:00 PM GMT.

***Thanks to the folks at THQ for providing us with these cool packages.

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  • tareq salah

    i think another invasion to america would be great, but this time i would like to be a citizen who starts a guerilla war against the occupation. i dont want to be a soldier or have an army ready for battle but rather start weak and build up a public lead revolution and guerilla tactics warfare.

  • PilarVIRUS

    In the sequel, I would have to see a more expansive campaign mode. I know some people loved the campaign in the original, but I didn’t think it was all that great and it needed alot of improvement.

  • I think that anybody who likes the games unique, balanced multiplayer as much as I did should start posting their thoughts if you want to win this swag, more contests are coming your way to folks.

  • Homefront 2 needs to have an awesome zero-G space combat segment on a space station. It would be ridiculous, but absolutely amazing!

  • doub7

    For the campaign:

    I would say extend the length by a few hrs.

    More exploration & dialogue with other members of the resistance & general public, loved this aspect.

    Few more vehicle sections, these were done well but just need to be more frequent & longer.

    More stealth missions, Homeland was so tense.

    Finally a better ending, it was too short & didn’t really give you a sense of closure. I know a sequel is inevitable but its nice to have a sense of accomplishment at the end.

    For the multiplayer:

    An infantry only option for those that enjoy that combat.

    More customization in the weapons, uniforms, etc.

    A few more diverse gametypes.

    A coop survival mode where you must fend off groups of enemies.

    Dedicated coop missions for up to four players.

    More maps, with varying sizes.

    DLC/updates that increase the level cap.

    Bigger arsenal of weapons.

    Pistol & knives only mode.

    These are just some ideas, but I want you to know I really enjoyed the 1st game. Look forward to see what you do with the sequel. Thank you.

  • icemanjj27

    what I think should happen with home front 2 is that in the campaign you start where you left off in the original… You wake up its dark and warm you go to sit up and your head hits something. You lift your bloody and bruised arms over head and push up the object is pushed off and you see it was a fallen Korean satellite you look around there’s smoke and derbies. You see a destroyed AA and suddenly look around you find yourself on the golden gate bridge. With your head still throbbing you suddenly remember what happened. You think about Rhiana’s yell to hold off the missile strike and the flames and then darkness. You figure that the satellite must have protected you. You look around and see an 870-epress shotgun you slowly limp over and pick it up. You think to yourself has Sanfrisco been saved? You already know that you will probably die within the next day or so you begin walking. An hour passes than 2 than 3. You finally reach Sanfransisco. You look forward down the long lonely deserted rode and see a wall. You think is it the Koreans? You turn to your left to find a pair of binoculars you pick them up and look more closely. You see guards. But not Korean but American guards! You think to yourself what’s next? That’s what I would like to see in the beging of the sequel. But I also think that there should be much more dialogue from Jacobs and a more interactive environment like splinter cell conviction. You need to have lights, bottles, cars, windows, boxes, ETC. that break/ BLOW-UP when you shoot them. Maybe a feature where you can operate/HIJACK veichels that are not being used. I think that you should really be able to sit down at a point in the game where you can sit down with Rhianna, Connor, and Hopper and get to know what happened to there families when the Koreans invaded. And most important what I think the ending should be… Jacobs is able to find and pilot a plane to Korea with the rest of the resistance. You find out about a meeting with the Korean ruler attending. Connor sends you in alone with a sniper to kill the Korean leader bringing peace to the world and America once again a dominant country.

  • bstoiks

    i think they should get the rest of the world in it and bring in supernatural guns (kinda like bulletstorm) i reckon that would be pretty sweet and a helicopter since they have the tank why not bring in the chopper

  • it needs to have tons of different weapons and attachments that are balanced so no one has the same class slot, you should be able to use your surroundings (like if you shoot a light pole, it can fall and kill your opponent


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