Homefront sells 375k units on launch day in NA

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Homefront’s sold 375,000 copies in North America on launch day, THQ’s announced.

These figures, which are an estimate marks a solid launch of the title in NA.

THQ’s very happy about it and has sent out the following message:

“Homefront’s excellent multiplayer experience, combined with our commitment to dedicated servers, make this a must-have purchase for gamers,” said Danny Bilson, EVP Core Games.

“Due to the strong and growing demand for Homefront’s multiplayer, we continue to add dedicated server capacity. We are confident that the large-scale multiplayer maps featuring 32 players, vehicles, infantry and drones, will continue to be a major draw for the huge audience of FPS gamers looking for a new experience over the coming months.”

“We are delighted with first day sales for Homefront and are already fulfilling re-orders for the game from multiple retailers,” said Brian Farrell, THQ President and CEO.

The game’s out now for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Stay tuned for our verdict on the game soon.



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  • tareq salah

    this is promising. i was worried the the market is saturated with fps. it shows that a well made game can sell regardless of which genre it follows.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Yeah it is but it’s what’s hot now because of CoD, but personally I would love to see an original gene come out of this generation.

  • DirectingChaos

    I think the main reason this game stands out is it shows the ramifications of violence whether it is required violence like that of putting burning civilians out of their misery or unnecessary violence like killing for purely brutal reasoning’s. I know it’s about the game and how it plays but if this style of game means that people will think before involving violence in everyday life then its a brilliant step forward in FPS games and I for one am fully behind it.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Yeah, that’s one way of looking at it, but I think the violence is just used in engaged the players on an emotional level.

  • PrivatePyle

    We’re on a high of FPS’s, it probably helps that the gaming community is scratching their necks for the next different thing in the genre.
    Nice to see THQ staying alive and thriving though.

  • BeeJay

    I was one of those 375k W00t!
    My life has meaning now…lol jk.

  • PilarVIRUS

    I’m proved of Homefront — even though it’s not the best I love it.

  • DIE2869

    I was hoping for a better campaign, but following around a guy waiting for him to give the kill order is just boring and the graphics are lame. The multi-player has some hope, but is trying to be like Battlefield.

  • nmalthus

    I picked Homefront up for pc and am enjoying it. I just find Kaos’s excuse for a 5 hour campaign because other companies do it a pretty weak one. Don’t be like the rest, be better than the rest.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Yeah, I also was expecting alot more from the campaign because of how long the games been in development. But, you know what; I was impacted alot by the campaign.

  • Meglatron

    Good to see a different take. I played the Crysis 2 demo yesterday whch was very COD like in its leveling up but I thoroughly enjoyed the multiplayer and the nice features from thew nano suit – looking very forward to this one!

  • DirectingChaos

    I played through the first 2 levels as well as 4 online matches and its got to be said I like it, the campaign is slow in places but that’s so you take in the full ramifications of both your own and the occupying force’s actions. Personally I was looking around and taking in all the details and really getting into it but the only thing that stopped the full emersive experience is looking and collecting the newspapers which are scattered around the levels, its more of a distraction than anything. As for the multiplayer its really fun, you may not have much of a life expectancy when staring down at a tank but its still fun because of all the gameplay options available to you.

  • stephanielynette

    very promising 🙂

  • bman128

    Seems to all be about the multiplayer as a lot of people don’t seem to realize. Kind of wish the single player lived up to its potential.

  • doub7

    Glad 2 c it did well since they have big plans 4 the franchise. What I have played of the sp so far I have really enjoyed.


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