Homefront’s online pass to cost £6.29/$7.99

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The “battle code” required to play Homefront’s online modes has been released a week ahead of the main game on the PSN and Xbox Live. New copies of the game will have a one time code that will allow you access to the game’s multiplayer, but if you like your games pre-owned the you’ll need to pay £6.29/$7.99.

As much as I hate these online passes, it seems they’re here to stay. So make sure you buy your copies new if you want to play online.

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  • DirectingChaos

    I understand why they have the online passes but I totally agree with you George I hate that they have put this restriction onto their games.

    My main reason for such a strong reaction is I believe they discriminate against disabled and housebound gamers that rely on games for social interaction as well as entertainment. Most people in that situation already spend a fair amount of their limited budget on games so forcing them to either buy the game new or buy the online pass I find to be quite offensive (I’m not even including myself in that statement but being in the position I am gives me a fair insight into the subject).

    • PrivatePyle

      Ummmmm…..think you’re taking that a bit personal.
      Why on earth would they hate disabled people?
      Or housebound? They want you housebound, so you play their game.

  • berrytastic

    I wondered how long it would take before other publishers took on EAs online pass system. Interesting though that Crysis 2 wont use the pass system!

    They should just rename it the “Pass to combat preowned games” lol

  • DirectingChaos

    Talking of names does anyone else think someone is going to end up buying the “battle code” thinking they are getting something other than an “online pass”.

    I must admit I even looked at it last night when I was on the store, granted I was pretty tired and didn’t really put 2 and 2 together until after I’d gone into the info page but made me think someone will probably buy this when they don’t need to.

  • shastyxmcnasty

    as a gamer who is always looking for a way to save a few dollars on buying a game (i strongly disagree with pirating games) I feel like this is a wrong step in big companies actually appreciating us gamers. I think its bad enough that games have aspects of the game removed and sold as DLC (give me a break) but trying to flat out stop the re-sell of games is getting ridiculous

  • PrivatePyle

    I don’t see any way to defend the battle codes.
    These devs are finding a new spot to charge gamers, because their looking for more mula. This DLC business is getting out of hand too, they charge for DLC the night or day a game comes out, when they could have put it in the disc. Resident Evil 5? The Versus mode had to be bought to unlock, when it was already on the disc.
    You’re right though, no getting around it…. unless we boycott it, which is like quitting cigarettes for me. No way in hell I’m letting $7 get in the way of my gaming.

  • doub7

    With all the incentives 2 buy new these days (extra lvls/weapons/unlocks, day 1 DLC, online pass, money actually goin 2 the publisher/developers) it hasn’t affected me much, but I can understand how sum gamers feeled nickel & dimed these days. Stuff like payin 2 unlock content already on the disc definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • jbg0623

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to hell with online passes, no matter what BS they come up with it’s just another way to screw people out of their money.


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