How Modern Warfare 2 Was Made for PC

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What with the mixture of hype, boycott’s and general bad news for the more well-informed of the PC gaming community, some people just don’t know what’s what any more. Here at GamingBolt, we thought it might be a good idea to think, hypothetically, at what might have been happening at the production labs over at Infinity Ward to see what really went on.

For all your reading enjoyment, we have put this feature in the form of a film script. The film; The Making of Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward production leader: Well done men, we have successfully created another great game in the Call of Duty franchise for our beloved consoles. Job well done. All that’s left is to whip the mainstream media into a frenzy about it.

Minions: But sir, what about the PC?

IW Production Leader: Oh damn, I almost forgot. Well, I suppose we ought to make a PC version…after all, the CoD franchise wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is today without the PC community.

Minions: So how should we make it sir?

IW Production Leader: Well, you know what? I never really liked the PC anyway. Let’s just port it straight over from the consoles!

Minions: But sir! There will be a huge backlash!

IW Production Leader: Don’t worry about that. We can easily add proper PC features like custom mouse control, graphical settings and even text chat!

Minions: That’s a great idea! And while we’re at it, I’m sure we can easily add lean- that’s been a staple of the franchise on PC after all.

IW Production Leader: Its Not Balanced For Lean

Minions: Well sir, will we at least have dedicated servers in the PC version?

IW Production Leader: We could do I suppose. But here’s an idea- do you guys want to make a little extra on the side? How about we have no dedicated servers and no mod support, that way we can hamstring everyone with expensive map packs!

Minions: Wow, extra money! Why not? But won’t that mean having to use Peer-to-Peer?


IW Production Leader: It sure will folks. But why not, it works on consoles right? Sure it will be laggy, but that’s what multiplayer gaming experience is all about nowadays anyway. Even better, we get to ground the max number of online players at 18 per match, because that way there is no chance that someone from the UK will try and play a game with a bunch of Americans…

Minions: How will we stop cheating though?

IW Production Leader: VAC is faultless. It cannot be cracked. And even if someone did get past it, no one uses wallhacks these days.

Minions: Anything else we should put in the game sir?

IW Production Leader: Well, have a good look at all the mods for CoD4 and see if there is anything worth copying. No copyright, no problem! Now all we have to do is throw a pair of NVG’s into the bundle and everyone can run around thinking that they are Sam Fisher. Everyone likes NVG’s. And don’t forget, jack up the price! We know everyone will buy this game, so we can bump it up as much as we like!

(This script is purely fictional and does not represent any of Infinity Ward’s actions or statements. Any opinions put forward are opinions of the editor.)

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  • DreamsofAnarchy

    Classic. I have a strange feeling that this could be at least 85% accurate.

  • Trunkz Jr

    Totally True, they really did convince themselves that what they were doing was right for the game (PC), and for us (PC Gamers). They could of easily kept it the same setup as CoD4, and added a “Play Now” button for the “casual” gamers just like Battlefield 2/2142 had.

  • the truth

    What a waste of an article.

    • Will Kenny

      May I ask why?

    • DOOMtrooper

      because its a butthurt pc fanboys whining… dont like it? dont buy it.. its not like pc was going to match console sales anyway..

    • LVG

      Because it’s a re-hash of everything that everyone is already saying, and it even includes a stupid picture that’s been posted all over the place.

      Basically kinda like saying, “it’s hot” while standing outside in the summer. Just unneeded.

    • Will Kenny

      It’s a lighthearted take on all the fuss that has been going on.
      And to DOOMtrooper: If you don’t like it don’t read it and flame it.

    • JosephGardner

      Go Will!
      show em who’s boss

  • Brian

    Shouldn’t Infinity Ward be IW, not IF? Someone needs to proofread this script.

    • Will Kenny

      It says IF…

  • aakash

    ya…..DOOMtrooper…if u don like it don read it…and more over it was PC , that brought COD to these heights…no one even remembers COD 3..any ways,..,…every one ..have a wionderful time with this game..this is surely a ripper..

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