How The PS4 Pro’s Price May Save It From The Technically Impressive Xbox One Scorpio

PS4 Pro’s $399 price tag gives Sony a head start over the Scorpio.

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So, that… was a bit of a low key and frankly underwhelming and disappointing conference. I will not defend it- Sony’s PlayStation Meeting today was one of the most boring gaming related press conferences I have ever seen, and at this point I’ve seen a lot of them. It did the exact opposite of what a press conference is supposed to do- rather than generating hype, it killed it.

But, let’s actually step back from the general disappointment with the conference itself, and look at the product that it was held for. The PS4 NEO, it turns out, is real, and it’s called PS4 Pro. We don’t actually know a whole lot about the Pro- we know when it launches, we know how much it is, we know it supports 4K and HDR, and we know it has improved specs, but Sony faffed about on sharing exact specific specs during the conference (they did update their official site to share exact specifications later)- probably because at this point, they knew that it would compare poorly to Microsoft’s Xbox One Scorpio, which was announced at E3 earlier this year.

And you would think that’s the death blow, right? The Scorpio seems to be so much better than what we know of the Pro (right now, it doesn’t even seem that the Pro can run 4K Blu Rays– to be clear, the existing Xbox One S can run 4K Blu Rays, let alone the upcoming Scorpio), so you would think that the Pro was done. Finished. The Scorpio clearly seems to be the superior product, so Sony’s offering is going to be outclassed… right?

playstation meeting

"Simply put, having inferior specs is definitely not the death knell on a console."

This is where objectivity, rationality, and knowledge of gaming history can come in handy. However, simply put, having inferior specs is definitely not the death knell on a console- regardless of what the Xbox One and Wii U’s poor performance in the market might have you think. The original PlayStation was technically far inferior to the Nintendo 64, but it managed to overcome that thanks to a better gaming library- and both of those were rooted, in turn, to the PlayStation’s early launch, as well as its very low price, which made customers flock to it, and ensured that no third parties could ignore it.

The same thing also happened with the PlayStation 2 versus the Xbox and Gamecube, and then the Xbox 360 versus the PlayStation 3- early launches and cheaper prices meant the consoles got entrenched, sold a lot, and managed to consolidate their library, with third parties that were comfortable with the hardware, by the time the competition launched- the competition, which simply could not hope to compete with an established system, especially since by then, Sony (and Microsoft, in the case of the Xbox 360) were in the position of slashing their console’s prices and launching some well timed killer apps, making the even more attractive than the just launched systems with the poorer libraries that consisted of nothing but launch games at the time.

I’m here to say that this exact thing may happen with the Pro and the Scorpio, too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the Pro will necessarily do better than the Scorpio- I just think that the Pro’s early launch, and cheaper price ($399 is an excellent price, especially next to the Scorpio, which Microsoft are warning will have a ‘premium price.’ And when the current Xbox One lineup already caps at $399, then premium could mean as high as $500) will help negate some of the massive advantages that the Xbox One Scorpio otherwise holds over it.


"I am making this argument to point out that by the time the Scorpio launches a full year later, Sony might be in a position to slash the PS4 Pro price heavily, making it look far more attractive than Microsoft’s offering in comparison."

What will also work in Sony’s favor is the system’s early launch- with a November 2016 launch, the PS4 Pro launches a full year ahead of the Scorpio. I’m not using the head start here to make an argument for the install base (which is in any case meaningless for two systems which won’t have any true exclusives on them)- instead, I am making this argument to point out that by the time the Scorpio launches a full year later, Sony might be in a position to slash the PS4 Pro price heavily, making it look far more attractive than Microsoft’s offering in comparison.

What I am saying here, then, is that for as much as Sony appear to have gotten wrong with the PS4 Pro – and really, judging by that trainwreck of a conference, it doesn’t seem like they have much of a clue what they should be doing – they at least have the price right. $399 is the magic price point, as they well seem to know, given the PlayStation 4’s incredible success at that launch price, and Sony choosing to also price the upcoming PlayStation VR that. At $399, the PS4 Pro becomes a viable sell to someone either looking to buy a new PS4 for the first time this Holiday, as it’s a better model in the end than the cheaper $299 Slim, and it is also a reasonable sell for someone who is buying a new 4KTV and wants some content to go with it (although, again, the lack of a UHD drive in the system is definitely going to stunt its appeal to that market).

That $399 price should mean that, for as unappealing as the PS4 Pro is, it should still manage to sell a fair bit. It means that, by the time the Scorpio, which going by what we know right now, seems to be a more appealing offering, does launch, Sony will be in the comfortable position of slashing the Pro’s price further, and making it even more appealing. That, hopefully, is enough to sell it to the market somewhat- it should be enough to counter some of the disadvantages that the Pro has for sure. As the original Xbox One showed, even the most unappealing product can sell in decent quantities at a lower price.

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  • The truth-ier

    the fact that he said and compared the xbox one and wii u performance, and called the xbox one performance poor shows the bias of this. Its has not sold as well as the PS4 obviously, but is on track to have sold better then the xbox 360 and ps3, tracking head of those systems is not considered a failure…unless you consider those two a failure(which nobody does).
    This asinine article is just a sony defense force trying to sell you on the system. There should be a disclaimer that this is just for sound bites, and anyone who just falls for being a fanboy with no sense or brains.

  • crazy_black_man-

    This article is gonna piss off these hypersensitive Xboys. With the PS4 Pro and PSVR coming out before Christmas, the Xbox Scorpio is already dead in the water for next year. MS is late again to the marketshare party.

    • Michael

      What’s the matter, pony? You mad cause neo is about as powerful as a smart phone…lol Ps4 pro is a waste and psvr even more so. It’s not looking good over in pony land, is it?

    • crazy_black_man-

      LOL. Why are you even still trying? Its over son. Its all over. The news everywhere is about the new PS4, and PSVR. Scorpio is vaporware.

    • -youjustgotburned-

      Its over? Then why are you still b*tching about a system that is dead in your eyes?

    • crazy_black_man-

      I’m not. I’m laughing, and that obviously makes you very angry.

    • -youjustgotburned-

      Oh sorry to spoil your “fun” but I am not angry I am just laughing at you for b*tching and “laughing” (lol yea right) everyday about a piece of plastic that you say is dead and has no meaning. You sure put more effort into that than playing the games on your console…ya got a glimpse of your PS profile.

    • crazy_black_man-

      If you saw my profile then you know youre lying about my gaming. My PS4 is on everyday. I also have the “see who’s visited your profile option turned on, and it never once said “b*tthurt-little-Xbox-maggot” came to spy on me. Turn off that stupid iDarb, and lets play some Madden17, so I can talk smack you in real time. You know where to find me son if you’ve got the courage.

    • -youjustgotburned-

      Your PS4 is on everyday? Oh that’s right so you can warm yourself up because of how cold and lonely you are everyday. Madden17? So much for supporting the exclusives. Efent buys games for kids? Wow what a nice guy. Maybe you should ask him to buy you a brain or just some mental help because your sir are a joke 😉

      crazy_black_man- aka (doggystyle) hates and says the Xbox console is dead and is irrelevant yet talks and follows it more than he plays with his console of preference…lol

    • chance

      Because it will be superior in everyway when it comes to hardware. You never know greatness may show up one of these days. He’s just mad that the xbox fan base will once again have the better console like they always had before xb1. It was fun making fun of the few extra fps the ps4 had over the xb1. Now the tables have turned and the sponies will have to eat their words and be flip flops in order to defend their console. It’s not the scorpio that is dead it’s that dream that Sony is better that has died.

    • Andy Maas

      once the scorpio comes out the playstation era is dead

    • crazy_black_man-

      LOL. Its too late for Scorpio now.

    • chance

      Everyone is saying negative things about the pro and vr. Both are half asked and almost pointless. I’m still excited for it but it’s just a half truth when you say the news everywhere is about the pro. Most of that news is where people compare it to the scorpio specs or the xb1 s. You hear and see what makes you happy and ignore the fact that most gaming media is hyping the xb1s and scorpio. I heard a rumor from a good amigo that the price of the scorpio will be set the same as the ps4 pro and that it maybe announced before the pro is released. Of course there will be more expensive models but they want to start it at 399. You might be thinking that I’m crazy but a year later it will cost the same to make a 6tf console than it does to make a 4.5tf console now. I’m getting both so I don’t have to cry at night when one does better than the other.

    • Andy Maas

      your smoking crack if u think ps pro is better than the scorpio

    • crazy_black_man-

      Nope. I smoke Camel Silver. Scorpio is vaporware until you see it on the store shelf, and even then, it will be too late and too expensive for it to ever be successful.

    • Andy Maas

      Sony is going to fail

      Sent from my iPad

    • crazy_black_man-

      Kiss me all over

      Sent from my ainus.

    • chance

      There’s a rumor going around that Microsoft is going to start the scorpio at 399. If true it will be confirmed a week before the pro launches.

  • Riggybro

    The Scorpio is just too far away from release.

    And when it does finally release I imagine the PS5 announcement will be close after… and the Nvidia 1180… the AMD 580 etc

    Scorpio looked “current” when it was announced. But GPU tech got the jump on it almost imediately and then add 18 months later… now it just looks predictably acceptable for a console for the time it will be released.

    That’s what happens when you make detailed announcements way too early.

    • chance

      Ps5 won’t be out for another 3 to 5 years sony can’t afford to put it out so soon. They will just have to beat the scorpio with the greatness that awaits.

  • Andy Maas

    the scorpio is still going to win over the PS PRO

    • crazy_black_man-

      Yep. The ‘most hyped up and least sold console award’ is up for grabs. LOL, and the winner is….

    • chance

      The ps4 slim!!!
      What do I win?
      It’s so bad it was outsold by the xb1 s by 300 percent.
      What do I win?
      I hope a copy of NMS.
      Greatness at its best.

  • Mr Xrat

    Price, games and release date. Pro’s going to shred Shitpio the same reason the 360 did so well in its first years.

  • 4K Gaming? Maybe Solitaire in 4K.

  • Mos

    I honestly don’t see the point in investing into this as UHD TVs are not the standard TVs yet and they could have done better with the next generation of console they will do when time pasts enough same can be said about Scorpio.

  • Aaron T. Starks

    Wow, this writer is obviously heavily biases towards Sony. Kinda off-putting.


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