I Played Crackdown 3, It’s Fun But I Am A Bit Skeptical of It

Welcome to the city jungle.

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It’s going to feel a bit comfortable for many Crackdown veterans excited to get back into the improved world that is Crackdown 3. With its artistic style, insanely fun weapons and explosions, and fun characters, this is definitely a game for those who’ve been wanting leave the critically panned Crackdown 2 in the shadows, and remember the glory days of the original Crackdown. But don’t get too ahead of yourself, this E3 had the gameplay set on the story mode. So all of that massive city destruction you’ve seen in the past won’t be happening this time around. But the zany moves and set pieces are still as fun as ever before.

Crackdown 3 was a game showcased on this year’s Microsoft media briefing on a massive 4K screen. But getting into Crackdown 3, well, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a “showpiece” title; but falls more in line for games with graphics along the lines of Xbox 360. It’s beautiful and colorful, sure, and brilliant on many fronts — but why did they hold back that Halo 5 level of quality to the quality of graphics? With graphics that sometimes look standard and other times look cel shaded, it was really hard to define what the team was going for. The draw distance and city scape show off an interesting backdrop far, far off in the distance. What else was interesting was when I asked what the game was running on, they were happy to inform me that it was currently running on a PC with unknown specs.

It’s hard to ignore the color design immediately upon launching into the third-person world of Crackdown 3. For a game bent on destruction, this sure is a colorful game. Centered around a city full of towering buildings and dark alleyways, Crackdown 3‘s color palette is intense for a game in the semi-serious action-adventure genre. This isn’t Splatoon colorful by any means, but my eyes never got exhausted by the same gray levels found in games such as Call of Duty.

"Being that this version of the game was in the single player story mode, what can of story is there that I can tell you about? Well, I really can’t. The game was previewed in story mode without any sort of context to any story elements. "

Gameplay mechanics in Crackdown 3 feel solid and really good. Jumping in the air, targeting enemies — or jumping in the air while targeting enemies feels amazing. Punching people, picking up vehicles and the overall control scheme of double jumping or jet pack are really cool. What doesn’t make any sense is the climbing of buildings. For a game based on momentum and fast-paced action and constant motion, climbing buildings feels archaic and underdeveloped. With only the ability to hang on and jump, hang on and jump, and repeat, the momentum slows down considerably and… it just doesn’t feel right for this type of game. Sub-targeting is a pretty cool feature as well; targeting an enemy’s head will, of course, hit them with a head shot; but also locking onto the enemy’s wrist can knock the weapon out of their hand for an added bonus of fun. Orbs are everywhere in the game, and once you collect one you’ll want to collect them all.

Unfortunately, Crackdown 3‘s showing at E3 2017 was essentially the story mode within the game. And as Sumo Digital have stated that the cloud based destructibility will only be in the online version of the game. So the game equates to two different versions when it launches later this year. There are, however, tons of things to destroy and blow up; and if you’d like to just blow up stuff, you’ll increase your explosive level — same thing goes for melee attacks and rifle/sidearms and anything else; using any skill will level the character up in many different ways, and very quickly. The speed at which the character gets stronger has been boosted over previous versions of the series. Destruction in the story mode is fantastic and feels awesome. It won’t be at the online-level, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

"Overall, Crackdown 3 seems to be an average (or possibly below average) looking game, based in a world of over-the-top gameplay — that’s also average to the feel. The sometimes clunky gameplay was a bit worrisome, and the muddy textures were all over the place."

The game was previewed in story mode without any sort of context to any story elements. I was designated to go around, blow things up and enjoy my time. But I never partook in any story briefing. That was a little disappointing because Sumo Digital purposely showcased the story mode — because Crackdown 3 had been previously only showing off its online multiplayer — to let us witness its progress in that department…without any story. It was pretty much an open world where I was able to go about, doing literally anything I wanted, and that’s it. It’s a shame because I would loved to have seen how a mission plays out.

Overall, Crackdown 3 seems to be an average (or possibly below average) looking game, based in a world of over-the-top gameplay — that’s also average to the feel. The sometimes clunky gameplay was a bit worrisome, and the muddy textures were all over the place. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the game; did I enjoy my time? Yes. Would I like to see a ton of more performance and graphics improvements in the final version? Yes. Were there bad parts? Most definitely. But it felt as though the developers really felt a passion for what they were designing. A passion to bring back that feel of the original Crackdown and to show the community that this franchise has a future.

This game was previewed on the PC.

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  • You’re supposed to collect orbs so you can jump on top of buildings in a single bounce. But agree re: the architecture shown in the gameplay — it seems vastly boring and too much rectangular shapes vs the MP demo seen previously which had a ton more dynamic architecture. Not sure why they went for so many rectangles in the SP campaign…

  • Poseidon team

    I don’t really care about the campaign, it’s probably going to be average or even good. I’m getting this game because of the multiplayer and to blow the whole city down to the ground.

  • Doggystyle ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So if this write up was based on what was played on an indefined PC build, and that version is still displaying Xbox 360 graphics…


    • Wei Feng

      They’re planning on Xbox One X, since a “pathetic” 720p was all they could get from the TV first media box version. Too pathetic 1280x720p in 2017.

    • Fweds

      You mean as pathetic as the resolution that the PS pro is capable of, looks like the tables are now reversed.

      Looking forward to this game especially the online version.

      Anthem looked good on the Playstation channel though eh, I could of sworn they were running the Xbox1X version with Playstation control overlay though I could be wrong eh !

  • Legionarius

    This is the only Microsoft AAA 1st party game I’m looking forward to this year since Scalebound was cancelled, but as someone who enjoys single player campaigns more than multiplayer, I might wait for a discount on this one.

  • Wei Feng

    See why this game has been delayed so long.
    Even with PS3 graphics….was rumoured to be a salty 720p for the Xbox One.
    Otherwise now planned to release with “True 4K” so the xfans can praise another “uncompromised 4K” title again

    Should just follow scalebound and just can’cell’ the mess

    • kma99

      Even after 50 years in development sony still released that mess of a game the last guardian.

  • Mark

    Good stuff Aaron thanks, I’ll be getting it for the online mp only


    PlayStation fan and the mainstream media logic

    Praises Crash Bandicoot with it’s cartoony leaner gameplay with 1440p graphics

    Totally bashes Crackdown 3 with it’s celshaded open world destruction gameplay native 4K graphics

    • I know, right?! Lol, they gotta rag on something since they have no games to play…

    • Afaix

      where is the world destruction? lol nothing was shown at e3….& it looked like a last gen game, footage at gamescom 2015 was waaayyy better.

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Funny here is the game I heard was below average…GT sport.
    From what I heard Crackdown was a perfect sequel to crackdown 1 and looked gorgeous and they still haven’t shown the main event…the MP.

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