Id Software Cofounder Defends Xbox One DRM Policies

John Carmack on DRM and the future of gaming

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The cofounder of Id Software, John Carmack, has spoken out against those who are lamenting Microsoft over the company’s controversial digital rights management policies. Id Software is the name behind such popular franchises as Doom and Wolfenstein.

Carmack took his role as the keynote speaker at Quake Con 2013 to let his thoughts be heard on the subject:

“I think the witch hunt was a little bit unjustified there. I personally am extremely fond of having all of my digital purchases in a curated garden. All of my iTunes, all of my Amazon stuff, all of my Steam things. And it’s a positive thing.

Carmack is a firm believer that sooner than later, all things gaming will have gone digital. “Yeah, you can have better and worse ways of doing that, but we are very quickly going to be past the age of having a game that you hold in your hands on optical media,” Carmack said. “It probably won’t be many years before we wind up with SKUs that just have the optical drives deleted and everybody will just be getting it through the net. The future is obvious right there and it will be good for us in general.”

In response to the outcry against the always-on Kinect sensor, Carmack said, “If you go back ten years, the idea that everyone would carry around a phone that has your GPS-located position at all times would cause the tinfoil hat crowd to go absolutely crazy. We’ll get used to it.”

What do you think? Is gaming going full digital? Would you get used to being monitored 24/7?

Via: Gamespot

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I clearly see John Carmack’s point but this is gaming we are talking about so that’s much more personal to people than having your location tracked by GPS 24/7 as unlike GPS, DRM currebtly hinders gaming with no discovered yet or ever to enhance it. I dunno if that seems logical to anyone but until I know I will get an awesome gaming experience like I do now with whatever new things will be added, I don’t want anything new added to gaming. Regardless that Steam pretty much uses DRM and many PC gamers have grown fond of the service, he should keep in mind that compared to consoles PC is a much more open system so there’s no real change to it and adding DRM console kinda just limits gamers at the moment. No model has been found for consoles that fit the DRM profile so John Carmack will have to wait at least 6 years for consoles to get a substitute for DRM that still allows him to do what he and id Software do on PC. Basing this on facts so anyone feel free to tell me anything I should consider on the subject and factor into my opinion.


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