I’m Not Trying To Turn PC Gamers Into Console Gamers Or Vice Versa – Phil Spencer

Apparently, that is not the point of Xbox Anywhere.

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In spite of the confusion surrounding the initiative thanks to Microsoft’s recent backtracking, Xbox Play Anywhere remains an ambitious initiative, and it is a far more thorough attempt to bridge the divide between PC and console gaming than any we have gotten so far.

But Microsoft dislikes the idea that they are attempting to fuse the PC and Xbox platforms together into one, or any such notion. In an interview with The Guardian, Xbox head Phil Spencer spoke out candidly against such an idea, noting that he recognizes that the PC and console markets have very different requirements.

“PC gaming and console gaming are different, and the customer segments have capabilities and expectations that are unique to the platforms they play on,” he said. “With Xbox and Windows, there are some common things that we can put in the hands of creators and gamers – like Xbox Live, like your friends list – that help unify your gaming experience and put you at the centre as the player.

“But I bristle at the idea we’re bringing the platforms ‘together’. It’s not that I’m trying to turn PC gamers into console gamers or console gamers into PC gamers. We just know, and I’m sure you’re tracking it, the health of PC gaming is incredibly high right now, and we know some of our best and most active customers on Xbox One are also PC gamers – so we see this opportunity to service the customer and where they actually play, and they want to stay connected to their friends wherever they are.

“Things like Xbox Play Anywhere are really about choice and where they want to play,” he continued. “So if you’re at school and want to play a couple of rounds of a game and then you go back home and want to continue on your couch, that seems normal. Every other kind of media – your music, your movies – everything else works that way.”

I’m not entirely sure of the pitch, then, because it does sound to me like Microsoft are trying to make software hardware agnostic (which is a strategy that the entire company seems to be adopting of late)- that’s great, but it necessitates, by definition, a fusion of sorts of the Xbox and Windows gaming platforms. I wonder why Spencer is so adamantly denying that, then.

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  • Doggystyle

    He’s just trying his damndest to get people to buy more of Microsoft’s poorly rated exclusive games, by giving them more platform options to play them on. I’ve said it over and over again. They can’t get enough market share for their weak line up of games. Most popular 3rd party games are being played primarily on PS4. Xbox exclusives weren’t helping them sell people on the Xbox One console, so they put them on pc, and they’re praying that will convince more people to buy their games on the new “Xbox/Windows 10” platform, even though only the newer MS exclusives will be available to “play anywhere”. In the meantime, they’re hoping they can get a more powerful console built that can finally compete with the PS4, while still failing to realize that their bigger problem is that their exclusive games just plain suck, when compared to what the PS4 has to offer. And even more and more PS4s are being sold just simply because the PS4 has an awesome MLB baseball game. It’s a no win situation, and Phil Spencer hasn’t got a clue about what to do or say next, which often leads to so much mixed messaging. But hey, at least they’ve convinced people that playing last gens games on a next gen console is better than playing this gens games. Their community isn’t that bright.

  • Troy Marcel

    You really are a sad excuse for a human being aren’t you, your pathetic. Crawl back under your rock and drop it on your head.

  • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

    PC always wins. Join the winning team, Xbots. You still get xbox games at better resolution and framerates. Sonycucks are forever losers on their underpowered garbagestation poor and are so cucked they will buy the neo even when it is still underpowered trash.


    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e5cf366da07c9f5dbb455e5d57f3214c9a18181f8116208c64d2500603e5f5a4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4c83bf4a13275788430ad2012e5a24983530d564b01035991bdfe259d72cd32e.jpg

  • Mr Xrat

    Not surprised after the disaster that was GFWL. No, this is just about making at least a bit of money from their flopped exclusives.


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