inFamous 2 ‘Hero Edition’ Officially Annouced, Images Included Plus Pre-Order Bonuses

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Earlier this moth accidentally leaked the contents of the ‘Hero Edition’ for inFamous 2 but have now officially been announced.  The game will be out exclusively for the Playstation 3 on June 7th, 2011.  Pre-ordering the ‘Her o Edition’ of this game, you are getting quite a lot of things, my favorite being Cole messenger bag.  Above is an image of  everything you get with the ‘Hero Edition’ of inFamous 2, below is a list of all its contents.

An 8.5” Cole MacGrath statue, a replica of the messenger back/sling pack worn by Cole in-game, the inFamous #1 mini comic from DC Comics, the official Soundtrack for the game and a ‘Super Voucher’ code for a collection of in-game content including the Kessler Skin, 24K Gold Map, Electrocution Grenade Power, Lightning Hook Power and of course the Original Soundtrack.

Now just for pre-ordering the standard edition of the game from certain retailers will get you certain thinks mostly everything already included in the Hero Edition. will get you the 24K Gold Map while Best will get you the Kessler Skin.

Amazon 24K Gold Map Pre-Order Bonus

Best Buy Kessler Skin Pre-Order Bonus

Now if you pre-order your game at Gamestop you will get the Lightning Hook Ability which is an electro-kinetic tether that lets you snare and pull enemies and objects towards Cole. By pre-ordering inFamous 2 at Walmart, you get a Electrocution Grenade Ability that grenade ties your enemies down with an arch electricity trapping them into an explosive death.

Gamestop pre-order bonus, the Lightning Hook

Walmart's pre-order bonus of the Electrocution Grenade Ability

Pre-ordering the game at other retailers might get you the original Soundtrack, but in my opinion, if you are serious about this game you might as well just get ‘Hero Edition’ which comes with everything.  Everyone will be save or destroying the world on June 7th, 2011, exclusively for the Playstation 3.

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  • aquaman22

    I’m at work right now, and i’m squealing like a little school girl!!!! Gamingbolt you know from my previous comments how PASSIONATE i am about this game!!! you KNOW i’m getting HERO EDITION for sure baby!!!! let’s go, LET’S GO!!!! I’m electrified!!!!!! Aqua Out!!!!!

  • dh4645

    whats 24K gold map??? i’ll probably just preorder the regular one…if i have time over the summer to play…or i might just get it on sale a few months later

  • aquaman22

    Oh you’re nuts, this is definitely a day one MUST buy, well if you’re a fan that is. I know i’m gonna lock myself in my house and not see daylight for like 3 days straight. I’m kinda happy they have not mentioned anything about MP and i hope it says this way, just an incredible single player campaign!!! Aqua Out!!!

    • dh4645

      yeah no MP please. kz3 actually has bonuses that are worth the extra $70. i guess it depends on how much this special edition is.

      24K god map?

  • Thatruth86

    Oh mighty sucker punch this is sexy i have to sayy .. how much is this going take out peoples pockets “o sigh an exciting game i will never get to play ok maybe only the demo but thats about it theres a lot of games i have to play that i want but cant bc im poor lol

    • aquaman22

      @truth it’s already up on amazon it’s going to be $99.99 and all things considering thats a great bargain. I mean okay you have the game which is worth 60, an action figure which these days are worth around 10-12 maybe 13 bucks, so thats 73. it’s going to bring the SOUNDTRACK which again could run you 13-15 bucks totaling 88 bucks so far. Then they’re adding a cool bag that Cole uses in the game which i think is great, and that lets say can run you at like 20 bucks 15 cheapest, now thats 103 dollars. Not to mention that we’re gonna get all of the goodies that each individual store is offering as a preorder bonus in a super voucher. so i’m guessing they’ll put those up on the psn store post launch at like 2.99 or so. so about 15-maybe 110.00 value. and you have play the first game if you havent, go rent it if you can’t afford to buy it used. i HIGHLY recommend it!!! Aqua Out!!!

    • Thatruth86

      ohh thanks for the info ill shall go look on amazon lol.. great price though for those other companys shouldnt sell them 130 price tag its ridiculous . Yea i want to but cant as of now but i will eventually get my hands on the 1st one.

    • aquaman22

      well the helghast is 130, but i think is because of the helmet, that helmet looks sick. I’m disappointed that it does not include the soundtrack of the game as i really liked soundtracks overall and the symphony at the menu screen of the beta is great. I bought the MGS4 SE when it came out and the soundtrack on that was great. Uncharted is also another game whose soundtrack is amazing. It’s too bad they dont offer the soundtrack on a SE of uncharted because i would have been all over that!!! Aqua Out!!!

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  • Rashid Sayed

    I will be honored to give this away as a price when it comes out LOL

  • aquaman22

    Oh Rashid, I would be all over that! lol i’ll walk on fire, swim with sharks, pretend to be homeless on the corner of my street. lol you name it i’ll do it! Bring it!!! lol Aqua Out!!!

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