inFamous 2 Karma System Improved Almost Adding An RPG Element

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Once again the Playstation Blog was able to pull through with some new information as well as gameplay footage in regards to how the Karma System in inFamous 2 will be improved. Sucker Punch’s Brian Fleming explains that the team “wanted to continue to offer players the choice(s) and responsibility that comes along with having powers” but they wanted to improve on this choice or Karma system as well. Here is a video below where Cole’s friend Zeke proposes a rescue plan to save Kuo, who has been captured by the local Militia. You may choose his plan and ally with him but that is not your only option as you will read further on.

Feedback from fans felt that the “choices felt too mechanical”, so Sucker Punch set out to make those “choices more real, more believable, and yet still keep them visible and clear to the players”. So in inFamous 2 “instead of a question that really didn’t relate to our primary gameplay (e.g. “should we take this food or give it away?”), in I2 we let the player decide who to ally with on a quest, or choose between Kuo’s surgical strike or Nix’s no-holds barred assault. You aren’t just choosing a mission, you’re choosing an ally and alienating another person.” This is almost turning into an freaking RPG, pretty heavy shit. Here in another video below is showing off another choice you have to save Kuo by choosing Nix as you ally.

“The choices you make will affect the world itself, the citizens’ reaction to you, and of course the ending of the game in an important way.”  Additionally there are no difference in cut scenes and there will be much larger choices you will have to make that will effect things more heavily as saving Kuo was just an example.  The game will also have more options is you want to play more ‘Neutral’ or even switch sides half way through the game.  Infamous 2 will be out later this year exclusively for the Playstation 3.


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  • Reignboy

    Can’t wait.

    • aquaman22

      RPGs??? What are you talking about dude? inFAMOUS was NOT an RPG dude. inFAMOUS was more a 3rd person action adventure. I hope they don’t mess with the formula. Just improve on the graphics which they have, the combat system which they have, more cinematics which they have, better character animations which they have. really besides changing the look of Cole the other thing i thought they screwed up was changing the actor who portrayed Cole. I liked MUCH more the original voice acting. It was greeter, darker. This time around, its took idk dude-ish or young-ish. Infamous 2 will be amazing, but just one question…When will it drop? no date as of yet, find that very weird.

  • dh4645

    i loved infamous, so this is a must buy for me. i dont really like RPGs, but as long as they dont change the game up too much, i’m in.

    • Shadow-Man_4

      Agreed! 🙂

  • Brooklynese

    well I guess its a finally a good time to go buy a used copy and finish my saved game. I2 is shaping up nicely. Big up Sucker Punch!

    • dh4645

      why the heck did you sell your original copy without finishing??? are you nuts. hah

  • Bone_Apart216

    What is it with all of these “RPG elements” I keep hearing?
    Leave Infamous as the action adventure superhero game it was.

  • lukepc92

    Just scrap the karma! Its boring as hell, cant we just kill without consequences? Way more fun.

    • aquaman22

      well i guess to each his own, but the karma gameplay aspect of this game is pretty cool. Because think about it, when i played this game i felt like i WAS cole. Having the ability to let you make moral choices is really cool because it engages the player that much more into the game i think at least. I mean i did play the game both ways of course, being famous and infamous. It just amazing how you see people in the empire city putting up POSTERS of you when you were good like a “guarding of the city” sort of speak, but also if you were infamous they had these warnings and caution posters all over. I thought that was really smart and just brought more like realism i wanna say to the game, because it’s something that we do now in the real world. if you drive around these days you see these really cool electronic ads on the high way and some of them have the FBI most wanted posters on them. Cool stuff, cant wait to see what kind of moral choices i have to make in the next installment. just tell me when is coming out already!!! Aqua Out

  • Thatruth86

    OMFG i love the way this game is shaping out to be aghhhhhh .. so what the karma is improoved thats great just makes us want to play more .. i love open world games n this is on point .. hey all open worlds should be like that goood deeds make u good bad makes u bad all in all its always funn but lets not give a rpg element to it..


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