iPad 2 to have 2048×1536 resolution?

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The next generation of iPads are expected to launch in the coming months courtesy of Apple. Speculation is thus in the air and with the idea of a “retina display” being name dropped consistently, is it possible that the iPad 2 will follow Apple’s original marketing for the “retina” and have a DPI of greater than 300?

Of course this is mere speculation and they might just double the resolution from 1024×768 to 2048×1536 at a standard 260 DPI. Though it wouldn’t be the “retina display” we’ve been promised it would follow Apple’s commitment to prevent the fragmentation of their product lines. Considering Apple have also doubled the iPhone’s resolution in days gone by when they introduced the iPhone 4, this assumption isn’t too far fetched.

The most recent patch for the iBooks app has also let a possible cat out of the bag with a bookmark icon for an “iPadx2” that appears to be exactly double the pixels of the normal iPad icon. A coincidence? I think not. We’ll keep you updated on any new info that comes to light on the upcoming iPad 2.

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  • Apple’s part of the market wouldn’t be fragmented by a lower dpi on iPad2 than a straight up scale up of the iPhone’s retina display. The big question is what applications need to have a higher resolution for an Apple tablet, when none are blockbusters so far. I still don’t really understand what the core iPad2 market is, and no competing phone makers are making their tablets with higher DPI (to exceed photo print), probably also for a lack of demand. And it doesn’t seem like the aspect ratio is changing [for iPad 2] so wide screen movies are out (1200 pixels resolution and higher is out), HD IPTV over wireless is out for the same reason. Apps and games remain, none need high resolution due to performance limitations. All would need more processing performance than iPad 2 could possibly provide and remain affordable and cool running. Also iPad 2 having a smaller screensize than iMac, with a higher resolution it would make iMac the DPI underdog (as ludicrous as that sounds given their already very high resolution compared to the average PC, nevermind a mobile device).

    The only reason to expect iPad 2 to have a higher DPI is that it is held at the same distance as the phone, but not necessarily. You hold your phone closer while you can hold your iPad or tablet like a book or magazine. Anything higher than 200 DPI would still be overkill.

  • rak33n

    we will find out at apple confrence and the ios 5 will be announced

  • aquaman22

    why wouldn’t they have the “Retina Display” on the new iPad?? that makes no sense, it’s suppose to be next generation technology and they’re all about proving themselves as the best. I have an iPhone 4, and a macbook pro, I’m not interested in the iPad as its the same as an iphone just bigger.

  • Bone_Apart216

    thanks for clearing that one up, now I can shut my a-hole cousin up for his apple worship. He loves that thing more than me I guarantee.

  • Actually I think the quality of the screen now is already great! I’m looking much more forward to the camera’s

  • fhantompain

    Well, I’m gonna wait till ipad 3 comes with retina display =]. after u, lads


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