Is Capcom getting Ready To Announce Resident Evil 7?

Maybe this one will actually be good for a change.

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So, Resident Evil 6 came out a while back, and it kind of sucked really badly, representing a further downhill slide for the franchise that peaked back with Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube in 2005. But now, Capcom might be getting ready to announce a new entry in its biggest franchise, Rely On Horror is reporting.

This is based on the vaguest of all speculation, really- so vague that it’s a really big stretch, but Capcom has just opened up a retrospective Resident Evil app on the franchise’s official Facebook page. Companies do this sort of thing all the time, but usually when the series is hitting one of two major milestones- either something like a notable anniversary (tenth, twenty fifth, and so on), or when a new product in that same line is about to be released. So is Capcom gearing up to announce a new Resident Evil? Maybe for Xbox One and PS4? And maybe this time, it will actually manage to not suck so much?

These, and others, are questions to which we have no answers yet.

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  • PC Master Race

    one can only hope its better than their recent trash called Resident Evil 6.

  • You are flat out wrong

    I remember being optimistic about RE6 as well.

    Never again.

  • CervantesPR

    If this is a xbox one exclusive i will go and kill 3 baby pitbulls

    • Name


  • Elissa

    I was a rather late bloomer to RE, starting with 4. But I really don’t think 6 was all that bad. I really like it. It will never be as good as four, but I do think five was the worst.

    • Barry Zombieslayer Sessoms

      you are missing out… RE 1-3 were the best RE games ever… RE 4 got a little to action packed for my taste and they completely lost after RE4 game has been trash ever since. It went from a survival horror to just an another action game stuck on rails…

    • Joe

      I find that funny people are saying that RE 1-3 being the best when RE 4
      got the best ratings over. I have looked at several sites that rank
      video games ( being the first with over 3,500 critics rank it
      with 9.3. While RE 1 got a 9.0, RE 2 got a 9.1, and RE 3 got an 8.6. JS.

    • Gamers_unite_01

      I think it is funny you rely on ratings when, It does not matter the ratings. A bunch of non resident evil fans like the new Resident Evil games which is why the rating are so high. and I won’t leave it to a ratings to tell me if the newest game is better than the older one. Real resident evil fans know the deal. I will not let non resident evil fans tell me that a new game in the Re series is good.

    • Joe Sharp

      I think it is funny how you think others opinion on what is good is not relevant but only your opinion is. I grew up with RE1 and RE2. I think 4 is the best one and I also like RE6. Things change, I guess things change a lot faster than some people do. Go back to playing RE1 and 2 and let other people enjoy what they want.

    • Gus

      well its understandable since you’re basically new to the whole series. If you grew up playing those games, then you’d probably feel different.

  • Jonathan4647

    I loved resident evil 6
    It’s a game that when I’m bored I can just go back and replay it with friends

    • matt man

      I am sorry but resident evil 6 is crap. Once of the worst in the franchise no doubt. It relied way to much on heavy action and gun play rather than survival horror. How can you be scared in a game when you have powerful guns and endless amounts of ammo.

      They also need to go back to regular zombies

    • CLIMIT

      If you played it to be scared, I don’t know wtf you were expecting since the last like 3 haven’t been scary. Endless ammo? did you play on baby easy mode? I played he old Resident Evils, I like the direction they took the games. Requires more technical skill. Where as the old Resident Evils were stupid easy. you can manipulate AI to grab early by feinting approaches, and you could beat them in 3-4 hours. All it was, was doding zombies, while doing a pre-made puzzle. Woopdee doo. While I loved the atmosphere and the feel of the game. To praise it like its SOOO much better is laughable when it’s entirely subjective. Jonathans opinion is as valid as yours.

  • joseph

    I remember when they said 6 was going back to the roots (horror), man i was so happy! im not really a fan of 4 most people only like RE now because of 4… don’t get me wrong its a good game, but not as a RE!

    if 7 is going back to the roots that 6 did I’m done! and I’ve been playing RE since the beginning!

  • Toei

    RE6 was very good – I actually love the local co-op and wish more games had that feature, and the combinations of different story lines with the various characters and different gameplay was great. We’re having a blast getting the last of the titles. Both 5 & 6 were spot on in my eyes. I’ve logged more hours on each of those games then any other.

    • Jeremy Miller

      Play the old RE games, then come back here and tells us how much you love the modern RE crap, you’ll see the big changes in the series, and you’ll see why us hardcore fans are disappointed with the direction they are/were going, depending on how RE 7 turns out.

    • I think that’s a bad thing to do. If he hasn’t played any of the old RE, he will probably hate the controls, graphics etc… He will probably say that they suck. Anyways, It all comes down to personal preference.

    • Anthony

      I started with RE4 and then played the originals.
      I still don’t think RE5 & RE6 are horribly games. I actually love them. I did see the transition how they changed

    • renz

      i played the second and the third. and then RE4. while i like the gameplay aspect of RE4 (the combat system, box item management, weapon upgrade and such) they lost the chill that you got from the previous series.

  • Cody

    I played and completed all of the RE game in the series… Including the off series ones such as the Outbreaks and Gaiden… They are all pretty good, though I do have a problem with Operation Raccoon City and 6. They both kind of suck… That’s coming from a hardcore Resident Evil fan who’s completed each RE games more times then I dare count on the hardest of difficulties.. Not trying to brag but honestly, ORC just sucked and 6 felt like it was made for little kids with the things featured in it… I mean I started playing RE back when I was like 7… I’m 21 now and I miss how it once was… =/

  • Nia

    Man, there’s some serious haters here… Truth be told, I love the RE series, and not just the old or the new ones. Yes, RE4 was a bit more action-y than the old games, but I remember freaking out completely the first time I came across a chainsaw wielding maniac (which was like 2 minutes into the game). I didn’t really mind when they had them in 5, because I loved the multi-player co-op. But when they reused them in Revelations and 6, I started to get sick of them. 6 wasn’t as bad a game as everyone makes it out to be however. Co-op and Agent Hunt are both a lot of fun, and that’s the most important thing with a game. What was wrong with 6 is the lack of polish. Every five seconds there’s another cheapo instant death. These were merely annoying in RE4, and I could stomach at least some of them in 5, but 6 is downright ridiculous with it’s number of instant deaths. The “Melee” anytime idea is terrible, too. While the knife was pretty much useless in 5, it was awesome in 4 (that boss fight with Krauser for reference). But the close-combat weapons have no real use in 6 because you can just beat the tar out of zombies and what-not with absurd wrestling moves. On the other hand, I liked the interwoven story line and how each scenario was unique. Unfortunately, there’s no build up. Zombies are somewhat rapid and can leap all over the place, and the J’avo use guns from the get-go. And pretty much every chapter has at least one ridiculously cheap boss or death trap. The game just tries too hard to be like an epic movie, and it cheapens the horror elements. Granted, 5 wasn’t all that creepy, but the most ridiculous thing was Chris punching a boulder…and frankly I loved that. Really, I think the best idea is to keep the over-the-shoulder camera, bring back the zombies, use the melee system from 5 so you can’t just spam finishing moves, maybe keep the slide, and bring back the limited inventory. People can complain about the story all they want, but frankly 4 had the worst story (well, that and Code: Veronica). 4 had very little to do with the overall plot of the series, and Code: Veronica was just ridiculous, what with the psychic ant powered genius…though I enjoyed Wesker’s return. But really, as long as they don’t make another game like Gaiden, I’ll probably keep buying the games. Frankly, I think it would be kind of cool to have Ada and Sherry be the protagonists of the next games…or perhaps the ability to choose between different characters rather than being stuck with the same one for the whole scenario. Give the characters different class-type skills, like Outbreak 2.

  • Donald

    I hate to be this guy, but I would really like to see them make another Outbreak game. I love the idea of fixed camera angles and multiplayer. If not, then Capcom should split a team that goes back to making old style RE games and then Capcom can continue to do this action packed zombie kicking game.

  • Sagir Khan

    I wasn’t really all that into RE before RE4, while RE5 and RE6 were worse. RE6 wasn’t the worst thing ever, Leon’s campaign was excellent! The rest wasn’t all that great.

  • Shadow_ Eulogy

    It cant be Xbox exculsive JS and resident evil 4 was and always will be the best resident evil

  • dann

    resident evil 4, 5 and 6 were good games. I think a lot of people lose sight that resident evil wasn’t about zombies, it was about a virus that mutates and evolves. With using it to create the “ultimate being,” of course the mindless zombies are going to turn into infected people with motor skills and some thought process left. I didn’t mind the action packed games that the franchise decided to go with, to me it was a natural and necessary evil step in the story that resident evil.

  • Andrew Cuschieri

    Resident Evil 2’s my favorite game of all time, REmake is the greatest remake of all time, and Resident Evil 2 REmake is my most anticipated game EVER!!

  • Mgs209

    Resident evil 1 from 4 were my favs but when it got to 5 it became complete crap I think they should remake the 1 from 3 resident evils games that would be cool

  • dd

    ok re is cool but 6 sucked and so did 4 but 5 and 3 also the outbreaks GOOD

  • Nia

    Am I really the only person who likes both the old games and the new games? Yes, 6 had a lot of issues, but really, it’s still better than most of the competition. Plus, I like the fact that they finally resolved the whole “Sherry is infected with the G-Virus” plot from RE2.
    CAPCOM is pretty well known for making stupid decisions with the series though (scrapping Bio 1.5 for example). But really, go back and play the old games again and you’ll find that some of them weren’t that great either. Everyone says how great CV was, but was it really? Claire is great, and Wesker was all kinds of badass in it, but the gameplay was crap. Not to mention that Steve and Alfred are only likeable when they’re parodied.
    Sure, the new games aren’t really “survival-horror” but they are fun, especially in Multi-player. Maybe the real problem is the cheap deaths (am I the only one sick of chainsaw guys?).

  • Joe

    I love how people are calling RE6 crap on others opinion that they liked it. People do that to get attention and put people down. Who cares if you don’t like it. You don’t have to say people are wrong because they do like it. This very much could be the last RE, then what? RE7 could be “crappy”, but in a few years you will be begging them to their “crappy” games again. I hope they laugh and say Our “crappy” games wasn’t good enough for ya. LOL!

    • Nia

      Finally, someone said it. Personally, I liked RE6. It could have been better sure, but I’ve still played much worse games, and even though it’s not much of a Survival-Horror game, it is at least fun (minus the cheapo deaths).
      This guy gets it. Don’t tell us it’s crap just because you prefer the old games…
      Unless it’s Gaiden. Then by all means say how much it sucks. 😛

    • Nia

      Although, I did just realize I said CV was crap…but that’s just my personal opinion.
      There WERE parts of the game I liked, I just thought the gameplay was bland and the story was silly (4 also had a silly plot). Loved CV’s soundtrack though. By far the best of the classic RE games.
      So, don’t be hating on me, I just want to clarify that I disliked CV in a lot of ways, but I know a lot of people like it, and I’m not trying to piss anyone off. Unless they like Gaiden. (Yup, I’m gonna stick by that one.)

  • Name

    I thought Resident Evil 6 was awful. The only good part about it was being able to move while shooting…other than that IT SUCKED!!! I would like them to go back to their Resident Evil roots for the true fans. I hope they do a better job with RE7 #fingerscrossed

    • Nia

      You want them to go back to the roots, but then you say the only good part of RE6 is that you could move and shoot at the same time? You realize that is a counterproductive arguement. That was never in the original games. Besides, why do you think it sucked? You can’t just say it sucks without giving a reason. When people say things like that, it just seems like they’re trying to be part of the “cool” crowd by agreeing with them. Did you even play it? Do you even understand the differences in gameplay? Besides, you may very well have been one of the people complaining “the series has gotten stale” around the time Nemesis came out (which is probably the finest of the earliest games, and second to Outbreak in terms of the bad-camera days).

      Yes, RE6 is flawed, but it’s far from terrible. The main thing is that it really lacked the polish of previous games.

  • John Collins

    im so sick of this RE bashing… if they called the game zombie shooter X and changed the names of the characters these “hardcore fans” would be jizzing their pants… who wants to see repeat after repeat of the same thing again and again… go play 1,2,3,outbreak,outbreak2,zero,veronica x etc… and leave the new games out of your little fanboy dreams.


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