Is Grand Theft Auto 5 On PS4 And Xbox One Suffering From Input Lag?

Rockstar needs to fix this.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PlayStation 4 is apparently suffering from input lag. Although we haven’t verified this issue ourselves, several users on Neogaf are reporting that lag apparently exists on the PlayStation 4 version of the critically acclaimed open world game. There are also a couple of users who are experiencing lag on the Xbox One version, however we don’t have supporting videos for it.

As shown in the GIFs and videos below, there is no doubt that lag exists. Normally, a certain level of lag is present in almost all wired or wireless devices but the one present in GTA 5 is actually a hindrance to gameplay. Lag is a significant factor which could result into undesired results such as uneven aiming and driving, which are some of the core gameplay mechanics of Grand Theft Auto 5. There are also reports, that the lag supposedly kicks in only when one plays in first person mode.

Let us hope that Rockstar fixes this issue. In the mean time check out this issue in action.

Thanks to Lukas_Japonicus for the news tip.

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  • d0x360

    I could see that being the case. I bought the ps4 version for obvious reasons but I chalked my issues with aiming up to the general lower accuracy of the ps4’s analog sticks.

    Hopefully if there is an actual lag issue it can be sorted because despite my love of playing this game in fps mode I can’t aim for **** with it and without question I’m not the greatest at shooters I know I’m a lot better than I look in gta5. I haven’t had a chance to play on xb1 yet.

    • jayflow

      I’ve got the Xb1 version and it seems like my aim is off too. Gotta friend that’s giving me his PS4 version today. Going to see if I notice a difference.

    • d0x360

      Post back if you do

    • jayflow

      Well that was a fast fix by Rockstar. New patch fixes the deadzone issue. Now they’ve added sliders to adjust the deadzone or turn it off. I’m going to see how my aim feels now.

    • Michael Norris

      I really have no issues with aiming myself,sure no controller is perfect but i really don’t have too many problems with DS4.


    I have been playing the x1 version since launch, I have not experienced one second of input lag and never heard a single complaint about it until now. It sounds to me to be another case of superimposing ps4 problems on the x1.

    • Vance

      quite possibly so. but maybe someone should make a an xbox video or gif to show if there is input lag or not on the xbox also.

  • Smokeydogg

    havent had a problem yet on ps4

    • maariyathomas313

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  • stoutforbreakfast

    It’s not the game. It’s the ps4. It seems like my ds4 loses connection with the ps4 every once in a while. It looks the same as the gifs. My ps4 is outta sight so I think whatever us blocking it is blocking the signal.

  • Mondo BurgerHD

    Im not suffering input lag

  • Michael Norris

    My Ps4 is on an open shelve so i don’t run into these issues…sucks for those who do tho,

  • roger smith

    I only have lag driving or when others are driving. when I’m in a session alone no lag but when others join and driving is going on lag.


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