Is GTA 5 Possible On The WiiU?

Nintendo should do the needful to ensure this happens.

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Grand Theft Auto is a humongous brand and the question most people are asking is whether the game will hit the first next-gen system to arrive this year. That’s right, the Wii U.

Nintendo’s consoles don’t really get a lot of third-party support due to reasons ranging from poor support to sales, but seeing as how the Wii U is supposed to be a machine for the core, losing out on GTA 5 seems to be something that Nintendo cannot afford.

“Many gamers believe that GTA V won’t be coming to the Wii U, but look what happened with Black Ops 2. Not only is the latest Call of Duty game arriving on the Wii U in its complete entirety, ie no content cut like the Wii, but the Wii U version is also going to have enhanced functionality thanks to the touchscreen controller as well,” product-reviews website speculated.

I sort of agree with them, the Wii U is clearly more powerful than the current gen consoles when it comes to pure horsepower, so there shouldn’t be a question of the console not being able to run the game. It depends on Take Two and Nintendo to work out a deal, and make sure that GTA 5 launches day 1 on the platform along with the current gen consoles.

If this happens, some people would rather prefer to buy it on the Wii U than PS3/360 because, yeah, Wii U is a next-gen console. This could help Nintendo achieve a significant user base, which could prove beneficial to them in the future.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Gismonic

    there is a chance… there is always a chance for everything.
    Hope it’s coming out! I have 360 and ps3 but if it comes for wii u i will definitely for nintendos upcoming console! Obviously cuz it’s going to look better + it will be great to use the gamepad in games such as this!

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  • Myopinionisking

    If it does come out on wii u it will move alot of consoles for nintendo because the game will be superior on the new system.

  • Captain N

    Imagine a Wii-U bundle with GTA5…….talk about selling out….both companies(Nintendo/Rockstar) would be laughing to the bank ! Make it happen.


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