Is Metal Gear Solid 5 Chapter 3 Going To Be Revealed At The Game Awards?

Rumors seem to have started based on a tweet that was liked.

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metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain

When it comes to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the signature of this game has always been the fact that mysteries surround the title. Whether talking about the much talked about, but not well known Nuclear Disarmament Sequence or the missing Chapter 3, The Phantom Pain never ceases to amaze us. For quite a while now, there has been talk about the possibility of an official Chapter 3 and now there are some people who think that this new chapter is going to be getting a reveal at the upcoming Game Awards.

There are some redditors who are taking the actions of Geoff Keighley on Twitter as signs of a special reveal coming up soon. The rumor mill began churning when the official Game Awards Twitter account talked about how Keighley had just screened a surprise premiere that would be on the show this coming Thursday. One particular Reddit user took the opportunity to express his interest in seeing Act 3 and the Game Awards account actually liked that Tweet.

The Reddit user, known as ginandtonicismysteam then took the news that the account had actually liked his tweet to the Reddit community, where there were plenty of people who were hoping that tweet was indeed confirmation. The redditor said that because the Game Awards liked his tweet there’s a chance there will indeed be that reveal next week. That seems like quite a bit of guessing and reading into actions but we’ll have to wait and see.

Having said that, take this with report with a grain of salt but you never know since the timing of the nuclear disarmament event is oddly close to The Game Awards. We will see how it pans out.

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  • Rey Rangel

    A liked tweet, rumors will grab onto anything won’t they.

  • Kinda of a stretch. If they did reveal a chapter 3 down the road I can see a lot of people getting pissed off because they traded it in already.

    • Zachary WhoDat Collier

      To be fair, I am hearing reports that you don’t get the current true ending unless you complete EVERYTHING, side ops and every single objective in the main game.

      This being my favorite series of all time, I put 50 hours in a week at the least and am barely 30% of the way. But I do have a life to attend to as well.

      Anyways my point is that anyone who has traded it in this early couldnt have finished everything unless they were basement maniacs. And I just can’t shake that Kojima loves to troll us with epic surprises. He wanted gamers to take a few months to figure out P.T. was Silent Hills and he claimed he underestimated gamers when they cracked it in hours. Perhaps this was his way at either perfecting/satisfying that mad developer notion, or he just decided to buy time to finish the game in secrecy. Either way, I really hope Act 3 is out there somewhere if this is Kojima’s final hurrah with Metal Gear.

      Otherwise, shame on Konami.

    • I have 100% and there isn’t a secret ending for getting everything.


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