Is Quantum Break Coming to PC? Xbox One Exclusive Rated for PC By Brazilian Board

Are you surprised?

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Given the relationship that Xbox exclusives have had of eventually jumping ship to at least PC, and given Microsoft’s own recent push for synergy between Xbox One and Windows 10, the announcement of any new exclusive for Microsoft’s newest console is met with the same question every time- will this game be coming to the PC?

A lot of such speculation has surrounded upcoming Xbox One exclusive games, such as ReCore (which is now confirmed to be getting a PC release), Scalebound, and Remedy’s Quantum Break. Quantum Break has always seemed like the prime candidate to make the jump- Remedy’s previous games all eventually managed to release on PC, after all, and there is no reason to believe that it would be different this time.

It seems like the Brazilian ratings board for games agrees- they’ve rated Quantum Break on PC. A rating is not an official announcement, but it almost always precedes one- very rarely has a game been leaked via a ratings board, and then not turned out to be legitimate.

So… yeah. Quantum Break may be coming to PC, after all.

As of right now, it’s slated to release exclusively on Xbox One in April.

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  • Starman

    Why Scalebound, Crackdown 3 and Quantum Break aren’t coming to PC

  • red2k

    Nah this list seems like a 14 year old sketch. I dont belive anything from Brazil they resently anounced a Battlefront free DLC map at a official adversitement and that was a flop. If this game comes to PC Microsoft surley already announce it like already happens with TR, Recore, Seas and Thieves etc…

  • Starman

    It was debunked as a rumor already (error posting) been taken down …so stop getting wet in the pants ..Sony fangirls…

    • Michael Norris

      Why would Ps4 folks even care? your the one with the trust issues.

    • Gamez Rule

      No point in owning an Xbone nowadays with all their games coming to PC…Best of having PC and PS4 shouldn’t miss many games that way….lol

  • Riggybro

    Super soldier with super powers and big guns has to save the world… not too fussed if it don’t come to PC. I won’t miss it too much.

  • Alistein

    I just can’t get why gaming media can’t follow up stories properly. It’s like they are all just rumor mongers. Why not contact MS and check out the authenticity of the news.

    • Mark

      True. Or Tweet Phil

    • Alistein

      Exactly it’s not that hard. I just don’t like all these baseless news it’s no different from the kinds of rumors you hear on a general level. I would hope these website not follow the rest that are nothing but just click baits.

    • Mark

      Here’s how I see and approach these sites;
      1) They need to make money from views, so they’ll post rumor grade information at times
      2) Any news on this site, can generally be found on any other

      So basically I dont take these articles as gospel, they’re simply updates that gives me a heads up on games. Dont get me wrong, journalistic misinfo and laziness is powerful on our perception, but it also pays the bills for them. Sadly people flock to resolution and console war headlines, so is it really US who’s to blame? Case in point, people on the net went nuts over this premature Quantum Break PC news, but I didnt bite, as common sense suggests Remedy and Microsoft will announce if true. So I can blame the media for false info, but the same can be said of readers who’re spreading this around too.

      Anyway, I take the good, factual and verified chunks of info outta these articles. The click bait stuff I dont get mad over, I just ignore it….serves me pretty well not to get attached. Ultimately the games and the platform holders will do the talking.


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