Jim Ryan: PS4 Dominating Europe With 70-80% Console Market Share

“We have a very significant market leadership,” says Jim Ryan.

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It seems as if Sony is having one of the best years ever as the PlayStation 4 is dominating Europe with a 70-80% hold on the console market. Historically speaking, PlayStation has always done well in Europe and Asia and honestly this does not come off as a surprise. SCEE president Jim Ryan stated in an interview with VG247  stated the obvious: “We have a very significant market leadership.”

“Well, we have market leadership in every country in Europe, and have very significant market leadership in continental Europe. Extremely significant. I don’t think market-share’s any less than 70%, and frequently greater than 90% in continental Europe.”

With this much success, the company feels there is no reason to cut prices. “Particularly in Europe… our momentum is still very considerable. We’re happy with the price and we’re happy with the value proposition. Consumers, equally and more importantly, appear to he happy with the price and the value proposition. We’ll leave it where it is for now.”

Well regardless of how many consoles Sony sells, a price drop is definitely over due for the console and a recent report certainly suggests that.

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  • Starman

    a desperate attempt to save face/image … but you never show the numbers …lol

  • *Also On PC

    70% sales

    Still no games

    Also hilarious he has to avoid mentioning PC or else that marketshare will be back down to less than 30% instantly :^)

  • kma99

    All while failing to mention that the ps4 is sold in more markets also. Can these people not think for themselves.

    • Rubix99

      This is an ancient and stupid argument that was debunked right at launch.

      USA and Europe are the 2 biggest main gaming markets of the world. They accounted for 88% of ALL Xbox 360 consoles sold globally. 56% USA and 32% Europe.

      The Xbox One was available right from the very start in Europe, as it was in the USA. In Europe….the Xbox One actually had a week head start.

      Even if you discounted all PS2s sold outside of USA and Europe……the PS2 would still be the biggest selling home console of all time.

      I still see this retarded “Xbox One available in less countries” argument even when NPD release figures showing the PS4 as the leading console of the month……from people who can’t understand NPD are only tracking American sales.

      It’s a simple fact…….more people prefer PS4 over Xbox One.
      USA is the best example of this since the Xbox 360 has sold almost TWENTY MILLION more consoles than the PS3 in the USA. And the Xbox 360’s year head start only accounted for 3.5 million of that lead.

      The fact PS4 is actually slightly beating Xbox One in the US clearly shows an extremely dramatic change in console preference. Especially given the Xbox One has had 2 price cuts there since it’s launch.

    • kma99

      Its a simple fact that thr Playstation is sold in more markets than xbox not just rumor. What rock have you been living under? Who said anything about the ps2 and why is it relevan to whats going on now? Oh nevermind you’re a fanboy needing to find every angle to win a argument Noone started. Matter of fact npd only account for sales in North America so where are you going to get worldwide numbers? Thanks for your fail, try again when you actually start reading.

    • Rubix99

      “The ps4 being everyone’s preferences is a matter of opinion”.

      No it’s a matter of fact based on global sales.

      “PS the xbox has only 1 price cut but you wouldn’t know that”.

      No it had TWO price cuts in the USA so far. First being the removal of “integral” kinect which knocked it down by $100.

      Second was the “temporary” holiday season $50 price cut that went permanent only a week after it it went back to its original price cut.


      Xbox One has also had 2 official price cuts in the UK aswell.

      “Who said anything about the ps2 and why is it relevan to whats going on now?”

      The PS2 is a prime example of how USA and Europe are the only 2 important markets when it comes to console sales of ANY home console. And this goes back to previous generations before then.

      Those extra markets PS4 launched in contribute virtually nothing to its overall global sales.

      “Matter of fact npd only account for sales in North America”

      And North America was the only country Xbox 360 outsold PS3 (by almost 20 million). With Xbox One now losing the American market for this generation……..seriously what chance has Xbox One got at even being competitive…..let alone win this console generation?

    • kma99

      a matter of fact hmmm.. So why is the number of ps3 and 360 so much higher than the 1 or ps4? its a matter of fact those are still the go to consoles for gamers since they dwarf anything on the ps4 and 1 combined so yeah you’re still spouting opinion.
      Look at you trying to prove something you just blew up your entire point. If I take out a component and sell the same box for the exact same price how smart would that be? You’re not to bright if you think selling 2 different sku at 2 different price points is the same as having 2 price drops. How did the PS3 get such a dramatic price drop, they took away the chip that would allow backwards compatibility so that they could sell the PS3 at a cheaper price to match the 360. Business is not your strong suit. The sku without the Kinect went from 399 to 349 and the one with the Kinect went from 499 to 449 so try again.
      You’re are sitting here talking about global sales yet you think selling in markets that the competition has yet to set a foot in doesn’t help? why is sony bragging about it then if it didn’t matter? the fact is every console sold matters or you wouldn’t be here holding that white flag for sony.

    • jayflow

      What are the markets that the Xbox one hasn’t launched in yet? I thought, by now, they where both in the same amount of markets.

    • kma99

      no they still haven’t launched in as many as ps4. They have increased the markets that they sell xbox in but not nearly as many as playstation.

    • Rubix99

      “a matter of fact hmmm.. So why is the number of ps3 and 360 so much higher than the 1 or ps4? its a matter of fact those are still the go to consoles for gamers since they dwarf anything on the ps4 and 1 combined so yeah you’re still spouting opinion”.

      If you actually read my original comment I said:

      “It’s a simple fact…….more people prefer PS4 over Xbox One”.

      I did NOT say more people prefer PS4 over every other console on the market.

      Both PS4 and Xbox One launched in USA and Europe more or less the same time……and in both those 2 clear leading markets….PS4 is winning. OUT OF THOSE 2 CONSOLES.

      As for Kinect….I know Xbox One fans try to save face and pass this off as “not a price cut” but in reality it totally is. The device is a novelty piece of junk that Microsoft tried to force on everyone, and the Xbox One works perfectly well without it. And to this date it still has no significant purpose, even Phil Spencer as good as admitted that.

      As for the PS3…..well in Europe it did not even have backwards compatibility when it launched yet it still came out at the grand price of £425 ($666)….so in my country not only did we get an inferior model but we had to pay more for it.

      This was one of the deciding factors that caused me to buy an Xbox 360 instead……which was my only console for the next 8 years. I never owned a Playstation 3.

      “You’re are sitting here talking about global sales yet you think selling in markets that the competition has yet to set a foot in doesn’t help? why is sony bragging about it then if it didn’t matter? the fact is every console sold matters or you wouldn’t be here holding that white flag for sony”.

      When a console has launched in the markets that typically account for 88% of their entire global success……like Xbox One (and PS4) did on launch time…..the countries that make up the remaining 12% are not really going to be a game changer.

      Microsoft know this very clearly. They know what their most important markets are. If they really expected huge mass sales outside of USA and Europe…..do you really think they would have limited their initial launch to the countries they did and let Sony have a head start?

      Not a chance.

      I don’t see Sony bragging about selling in more markets….I see them bragging a lot about leading in the USA and European markets…..the markets that really decide the success of a home console.

      If a console cant make a big impact in either USA or Europe…..its dead. Just ask Sega.

    • Jonathon Tsamantanis

      MS we will never separate the kinect bundle, until they realize no one wants it and sales are abysmal, we will now sell the xbox one without the kinect, which means the kinect is now dead, and the people who already purchased the bundle you have a useless piece of tech

    • kma99

      The ps4 being everyone’s preferences is a matter of opinion. Why there still millions of people still playing ps3 amd 360? Its because people actually prefer them to what’s available now. PS the xbox has only 1 price cut but you wouldn’t know that.

    • *Also On PC

      And if Jim Ryan had to talk about the overall gaming market, the POS4 would be 20% of it compared to the 130 million active Steam subscribers which combined with Tenecent and Battle dot Net accounts would easily be over 300 million.

      So keep up the damage control. The console wars are dead because PC killed them :^)

    • Rubix99

      Is that why it got GTA V a YEAR AND A HALF late and did not even get Red Dead Redemption at all?

      I have no doubt about the PCs capabilities…….but when games I want don’t show up on it……there is a bit of a problem ain’t there?.

    • *Also On PC

      PC got a massively enhanced and optimised version at 60FPS with mods that consoles will NEVER EVER have.

      You console shills are like flies on dung. You enjoy the taste.

    • Rubix99

      And that would have been brilliant if the game had come out like that on PC on 17th September 2013. Not a year and a half later……especially after the delays of 360/PS3 versions already had.

      And a 60FPS PC version of Red Dead Redemption with mods would have been great…..yet that never even came out on PC.

      What good is a super powerful PC gaming rig when a game someone wants does not even come out on it?

      When PC gets every great game on time ALL THE TIME then I will happily be an exclusive PC gamer.

    • *Also On PC

      PC already gets every great game all the time. You just like rolling in filth like a peasant.

    • Rubix99

      So where’s the multi award winning Red Dead Redemption?

    • Jonathon Tsamantanis

      Just cause you type it , doesn’t make it real, PC is an after thought to most studios

    • Devon Day

      Here’s some advice for you my man.

      Do. Not. Even. Bother.

      He. Isn’t. Worth. It.

    • Jonathon Tsamantanis

      Yeah Batman runs amazing on PC lol shows how much they care about the PC market

  • Premature Procrastinator

    And they know this how exactly? Yes they have approximate sales numbers for their own console, but Microsoft hasn’t released any overall numbers since the end of October, and we know they sold more in the holidays and April at the very least. And b4 anyone brings vgchartz numbers up, they are not, and never have been accurate.

    • Devon Day

      Considering that Europe has not been Microsoft strongest region for the Xbox platform, I can see this being accurate. Keep in mind Microsoft only desires the United States and the United Kingdom; the two biggest video game markets. When it comes to other markets, they have little to no interest. Microsoft’s 2010-2012 E3’s highlight this as a whole; United States and United Kingdom being the only markets they heavily market after.

      In addition, I personally do not think we will get sales numbers until either Gamescom or the November NPD; both areas Microsoft could update its sales.

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We have agreed to let Sony recover.
    We don’t want Apple entering.

  • Devon Day

    Glad to hear!….. Well…. I cannot say I am surprised though. Even going back to the 7th generation, the PS3 still had an advantage despite the high price over the 360; Japan no less. If anything, all throughout the PlayStations existence, Europe has been easily its strongest region. While I am happy that Sony has so much success, I just wish Microsoft and Nintendo could find some success over there.

  • Michael

    Good for them because we all know they desperately need some money. Europe wont be enough to bail them out of the financial hole they’re in.

    • Kinect

      What financial hole are they in? Sony is forcasting a 2.5 billion profit this year. They made 563 million first quarter. Their main profits come from banking, insurance, smartphones, movies, music, and games. TVs are in the black again and most of their losses have stopped.

      Besides, why do you care about corporate money? Oh that is right. You’re a Microsoft fanboy corporate slave, and money is the only thing you weirdo Microsoft fanboys cling to. You Microsoft fanboys are so pathetic.

      The Xbox division has lost Microsoft money. It doesn’t matter how much money Microsoft has. Microsoft isn’t going to invest billions into a platform that doesn’t return profit. That is why they can’t just go around and offer every 3rd party studio 100 million dollars for Xbox exclusivity. They would lose too much money overall. And it’s a shady business practice anyway.

  • Mike Norris

    Ps4 owns Europe MS has no chance,only the US will keep em going.

    • *Also On PC

      PC owns Europe. POS4 is an afterthought :^)

    • adon cabre

      And which PC games are dominating Europe?


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