Just Cause 3: Can it be the best open world game yet?

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Just Cause is going to be one of those titles that get progressively better as they go. For those of you who have been playing since the first Just Cause, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. The changes that were made from first to second game are absolutely astonishing, yet there is still a lot of work to be done. It’s almost easy to assume that by the time we see Just Cause 3 hit store shelves; it will be the best release to date. Some of the things that need to be worked on though, really need a lot of TLC. They are not up to par with the franchises potential thus far. Let’s have a quick look at what has been, what is, and what may come to be, on the island of Panau.

So you are a huge fan of Just Cause and you support the games as much as you can, but still it goes without saying that there are some things that really need to be fixed. The short and skinny of it is that there are technical bugs and a lack of interesting stories. Many of the missions are quite repetitive and it seems now that Panau has been developed completely and looks amazing, we should be seeing a little more attention to detail in the story. We would really like to see something more than just a few of very similar cut scenes that don’t stimulate our interest in the plot. Just Cause 3 should really focus on making a more cinematic style of game, to really get the player into the mood for how amazing of a world you actually get to explore.

Along with the bad, which we will be sinking farther into shortly, there is a lot of things that Just Cause was able to approve upon releasing the second installment. The most noticeable is the island, and overall world. It is absolutely unrivaled in my opinion, to create a world this beautiful and big, takes a lot of time and designing. That could of course explain why it does lack some of the more important features like good writing and depth filled game play. Going from the first to the second game for a lot of things, was a dramatic improvement, some of which are things that probably should have been corrected before the first game was released, like running animations and a bit of a “shotty” aiming system. The amount of explosions was greatly increased and I’m hoping that it’s taken to the next level for JC3.

The world itself is big enough to have fun in just playing around by your self, and there are plenty of other missions and side quests to do. Looking for upgrades and hidden items is always a good way to spend your time. Not to mention that jumping from vehicle to vehicle is just flat impressive. You can literally just repeat the small things that Just Cause got right and have a pretty good time with the game. It would be nice to see some kind of a merger in styles between Just Cause and Grand Theft Auto, because GTA really has a grasp on putting players in a very likable story and sticky situations. Just imagine this giant world but with all of the choices and alternatives that GTA has to offer.

What can we expect to see as an improvement in the world and landscape? This is a really hard question to answer right now; there is room for improvement it’s just difficult to imagine what kind of innovation there will be. Going from JC to JC2 the number of things that could explode was great increased and of course the graphics got a lot better. We are just hoping that by the time JC3 releases there have been even more updates to maybe have destructible buildings or even landscapes. There are some innovations that can be made to the world, as previously stated its just kind of hard to know what they want to go with as they are on the fence of making or breaking the series with good or bad third game.

One of the most impressive things that has been implemented into the Just Cause games it the hook and parachute combo. You are out of your mind if you don’t like traveling around like this. Its pretty awesome being able to grapple around the city, so it’s safe to say that if Avalanche Studios got something right it was this, though it won’t keep the series alive on its own. They really need to step up for the third game. What kind of innovations can we see though? The grappling hook and parachute thing isn’t totally possible; this leaves the door open for all types of not so realistic weapons and features.  Not saying I want to see lasers and jetpacks, but it’s not totally impossible that something of this nature may make its way into the long list of weapons and vehicles.

Speaking of vehicles there has already been a lot of stuff made available for us. Jets and boats, cars, motor bikes, and even monster trucks, it makes the mind ponder what could be coming next. Once again hoping that there is some innovation in the story, there may be new vehicles to look forward to, and hopefully they don’t bring back underwater flying with planes. All jokes aside, it would be nice to see some cool ideas come to life here. There isn’t anything particularly that needs to be added but variety doesn’t hurt.

There are a few patterns that need to be addressed when JC3 comes about. For the most part it’s the buggy game play and the story isn’t quite there. To break these patterns there needs to be a lot of focus on how the game actually feels and make sure that it’s nice and smooth.  Don’t get me wrong JC2 fixed a lot of what was looking terrible, but there is still a whole bunch of room for better physics and animations. Sound has never really been too big of an issue really; most of the voice acting is standard for a B movie, which is typically a hit game.

So overall I think that whenever it may be that Just Cause 3 has an official release date, we can expect to see some pretty big improvements. It’s pretty safe to say that what ever other open world games are around at the time will probably have a lot of competition. There is always Red Dead, GTA, and Assassins Creed. Will Just Cause have what it takes to secure the number one spot? I suppose we will have just to wait and see.  Right now there is no talk about a release date for Just Cause 3.

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  • Mark

    I think they should tone things down a bit in the black market system, everything is to expensive, they should take a look at mercenaries 2 shop system, that was brilliant and affordable. you could literally buy 100’s of helicopters at an affordable price 😛

  • guzzti

    One thing i missed in the game was rivers and lakes. There was just one waterfall in that large place, I mean, Come on!
    The frozen lake was a fantastic idea, along with the slalom slope.

    Another thing I would have liked to see was faction warfare, so that the factions fight between themselves, instead of against the dictator.

    Dams would be pretty awesome, blow one up and you flood a military base.

    Even though it is a large world, I would like to see more interaction with the people. Gunshops, helicopter tours, gambling, drinking and much more! I can’t wait!

  • Dr Trikz

    Okay so, I played the game and completed it in a week. But then played free roam for around five months. Just standing on a car as a faction member drives, you grappling the cops on moterbikes to the road and grappling the front of the cop jeeps to the ground behind them so they flip is quite fun. It has only bugged twice (getting stuck in a turret and getting stuck in air as I stunt jump on a helicopter.)
    It needs a few things which may have already been said.-

    1. Online, three friends with you would be pretty cool. One in the turret, one driving like a mad lad, one shooting from the passenger seat and you having all the fun on the roof/bonnet.

    2. Character custimation, armour and clothes you can buy would be, maybe even change Scorpio all together.

    3. A base or home you could unlock, maybe start off with an apartment, more completion you get the better your home gets untill you have a mansion with an airfield and a dock.

    4. A knife you can assassanate with so you can sneak around and then whip out your shotgun and blow up the place when you get to the center.

    5. To be a able to go in some buildings. Maybe if the door was just open on a few buildings and you could go inside. Maybe some speciel window you could jump out of.

    6. The helicopter blackmarket was very handy, but maybe a shop for veichles of all types here and there so you can buy a sports car and do it up.

    7. Brawls on cars or something so when you get 5-Stars a SWAT officer jumps on your car and you have to stunt jump and try shoot him off. Also if the police men tried harder like road blocks and rocket launchers.

    8. More planes and cool veiches like a suit ten feet tall that you can use in some missions. Also I don’t know how it happened but I was driving full speed and just came off the road to pass another veichle and went over a small bump in the muck and my lovely sports car was destroyed, at the point of black smoke.

    9. Last thing, you should be able to talk to people, I don’t care what about but Scorpio seems like he has no friends except the lady and old man.

    I hope the game comes out soon and thanks for reading!

    • Alan

      I completely agree with number 5 & 6. I would love to see shops and buy things to put in the black market

  • Alan

    Ok, so. A couple things.
    1. JC2 is probably one of the most fun open world games I’ve ever played. But please just let me play the campaign straight through. Don’t make me play one campaign mission, then have to spend like 20 mins by causing chaos so I can play the next mission. Let me play the faction missions when I feel like blowing things up.
    2. Add more customizeable stuff. Let me customize my character to suit me. At least make skin pack DLC’s. Or make some kind of shop to let you customize anything from your clothes to planes and helicopters. Even boats.
    3. Add different kinds of vehicles. I understand that you had over 100 vehicles, but so many of those cars were so similar. And why was there a police car, police motercycle, police helicopter,fire truck, but no ambulance? It’s not a big deal, but it doesn’t make much sense to me. I also would like a variety in air vehicles. I mean, I loved the F-33 DLC, But you should have given a plane that could take off and land in water! That would be very fun.
    4. ADD MULTIPLAYER. not lobbies and stuff, but co op! That makes ANY free roam game instantly 100x better. Especially in this game! Imagine. One person flying a helicopter. The teammate is in a military base. You come in there with your apache, help him kill everything, then the ground person grapples onto the helicopter and you fly outta there with him! That’s endless fun! Please more than just 2 people co op though. But max 4.

    5. There should be a new way to upgrade weapons and vehicles. Instead of finding boxes scattered over panau, you have to BUY upgrades with money. And You should visit mechanics (where you can also customize your vehicles) and buy upgrades for vehicles. And visit an armory to upgrade your weapons.
    6. There should be more environmental interactions. Like whenever you would destroy a huge broadcast tower, it wouldn’t do much. When it falls, I want to see it destroy things like cars and gas tanks and stuff. maybe it’s just me though. But add traps! Like when a group of enemies walk in a group, program the SAM turrets to shoot at the governments apache, not yours. Or be able to hack sentry guns somehow.
    7. I’d like to see a new way to melee. Instead of just whipping your grappling hook around. Maybe a big machette would suit Rico? If he stays in the 3rd? I’m not saying make it more gory, but maybe add different melee weapons too! And be able to upgrade them! Like a baseball bat, nightstick, even a bug zapper to electrocute them? That would be insane! I think you should also be able to upgrade your grappling hook.

    That’s all the ideas I have for now. I cannot wait for this game! And thanks for reading if you did! Please comment!!!

    • kaikaibob

      If you want to customize your character just go and get some mods their really easy to install and don’t stuff up the game, and there’s a huge variety too.

  • Bob

    Was this written by a 12-year-old?

  • sam

    It needs a online multiplayer, with private matches and open sessions! also you should be able to customize rico to have different weapons and outfits and put a train track in! please put more aircraft in and more hidden airports/race tracks!!!

  • metombob

    Hmm, i got some ideas:
    1. Multiplayer would be awesome, as magined before…
    2. Be able to walk into builgins, like roam them, for exapel in a military base.
    3. Be able to build your own house! that would be soo amazing!

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  • James

    The new one has to have animals/something to see and interact with in the otherwise barren terrain. This would make the world come to life in the forest, desert and water areas. It really makes the game feel empty and it’s almost pointless to go into natural areas, because you know nothing will be there… besides some boring pick-ups every now and then.

    Now put deadly lions or bears and sharks in the game, and you increase the excitability greatly. It would be fun to see if you could narrowly escape a charging beast with your grappling devices. Of course going against realism a little bit here, would be very beneficial…make the animals very fast and powerful.

    This game will lose out to the competition if it continues with empty forests and barren natural terrain..this is what games such as Far Cry did very well. Even without all the high acrobatics, I will end up getting something like a new Far Cry over this, if it’s empty again.

  • tag

    rockstar build the next one like better put some horror in their like from the lost tapes some thing like the jersey devil creatures and more please dont make
    anather charecter like trevor that charector to dang crazy put some in the ocean
    like the giant eel or or have a big kraken or big squid attacking at big canal or
    dock to take down the big cruizer ship or throw alien invasion apaclypes in their
    right after the game is all done like have the alien attacking at the big plant area’s
    and the city to have the charector to go stop them to earn $500.000.000 dallar’s
    put this game that fan’s want more to it put the game bigger like 27 gb massive
    for ps4 title like put about 4 big land’s to it of etc like put the game bigger level
    just put about three city’s in their put a big hurricane storm in their to and tornado’s and have a big giant massive forest have it be a badland forest like have like sasquach in their put about 3 or 4 sasquache’s in the forest have the
    forest like the california tree’s those giant tree’s and have some roads going
    under the tree’s that would be amazing have this forest between big mountain’s
    have the sasquach like real like in real life like they really watching the charecter’s
    put a side quast to go catch real life sasquatch to put in the big truck put it
    somewhere to earn $million dallar’s throw a recruited building somewhere to join in marine’s and put super human where to become very strong somewhere
    put a big tsunami that hit’s the city on every month.


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