Killzone 3 Contest Winners Announced

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What a two weeks it has been! Exciting, Exhilarating and according to some participants, Tiring! But it all comes down to this. Three lucky candidates or should I say three deserving candidates have won something related to Killzone 3. As I have mentioned many times in the comments, we at strive to give you the best of video games coverage and at the same time rewarding users with interesting contests like these.

Enough of chit chat! Its time to announce the winners.

First, lets hear some claps!

So the 2nd runner up and the winner of Sharpshooter is:


The 1st runner up who will takes home a copy of Killzone 3 is:


And the guy who worked his socks off and wins the ultimate golden prize: THE KILLZONE 3 HELGHAST EDITION IS:


Congrats to all the winners and for all of those who tried, we wish you luck for the next contest.

The winners have been forwarded an email outlining further details. Please mark a comment below in case you don’t get an email.

There are  more contests coming up soon. (Infact very soon)

Till then, keep it here at



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  • aquaman22

    OMG!!!!! WOW!!! Okay thank you so much GamingBolt for giving me the opportunity to win this amazing price. You have no idea how tired I am, from this contest!! lol, Congrats to Truth, and PIxalator man, not that I want to sound corny or anything like this, BUT this is the FIRST time i’ve ever won a contest!!!!! So this is extremely exciting!!! lol oh boy, okay anyway, Once again Rashid, thank you sir for this opportunity, I’m going on a a field trip today with work, but you can bet your behind that i will be coming back to continue to make my suggestions for the site. GAME ON!!! thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! Aqua Out!!!

    • Rashid Sayed

      Congrats aquaman22!

      I have marked an email to the three winners so please respond asap.


    • dh4645

      so he didnt get his score decreased at all for spamming at the beginning? hah i guess it wouldnt have really mattered since he was so far ahead.

    • aquaman22

      Okay DH if Rashid and GamingBolt designated me as the winner is because I did NOT spam dude. I clearly stated DURING the contest that I made TWO posts on articles that were MORE than 3 months old. I also went ahead and not only apologized but suggested to them to DEDUCT those points because it was an honest mistake. I’m sorry that you’re upset but I worked my ass off for this and with all due respect I deserve it. I hope that this doesn’t stop you from accepting a PSN invite so we can game on. I’ve written down truth’s PSN ID I just need to add him. Rashid and GamingBolt I’m on my way to work feeling like a 5 year old who just got what he wanted for Christmas lol squealing like a little school girl LOL once again thank you! Aqua Out!!!

    • dh4645

      ha, i’m not upset, i laughed after i said that. u deserve it for posting all that crap. even if they would have decreased those few points u still would have won. i coulda got to third, but totally forgot to come back. i just didnt have the time since i’m married, have a FT job and played kz3 for 3 days straight.

      yeah u can add me dh4645. i need to get with people who dont suck. i’m usually in the top 3 on my team, but we usually lose since no one works together.

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  • Your fellow GOF (guardians of Freedom) members would like to say congrats! We all knew you would finnish first. May be Jagster and I can also get some rest We look forward to playing with you again online with Killzone 3.

  • Pixolator

    Congrats everyone who win and doesn’t win. Looking forward to the upcoming evets, hope we’re still eligible to enter them after winning this one.

    Rashid is it possible for you guys to giveaway from those limited helghast edition, which has the glowing eyes helghast helmet replica!!!

    • dh4645

      i’m thinking of just rigging mine up with some leds to make my regular edition helghast glow.

  • jbg0623

    Can I just have a copy of this I’ll advertise for you!


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