Killzone 3 pre-release leaked to torrent sites

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Seems someone has let the proverbial cat out of the bag. Pre-release copies of Killzone 3 have started cropping up on various torrent and P2P sites in both 3D capable and non-3D varieties. The 3D version of the game is a savage 41.4 GB so you probably won’t even finish the download before the game actually releases in nine days. Have some patience people.

Thanks to the sixth axis for the info.

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  • Thatruth86

    Not even worth trying. I Don’t think nothing is able to not get leaked but I look forward to getting a copy can’t wait..

  • dh4645

    yeah, not worth it. i will support GG by buying their awesome game.

    loved the closed beta, loved the SP demo and kicked some butt in the open beta.

    • Thatruth86

      for real awesome game the closed beta was awesome i kicks ass as well .. the sp i havnt played yet but add my psn Bounty_killa_86

    • dh4645

      ok cool, i’ll add you tonight when i get home from work. the closed beta was cooler because it had more maps, but i’ve played the open beta a alot, as you can tell.

  • XMBeaner

    I see no problem downloading now if you go buy it when it releases. Is that really a crime if you pay for it anyways?

    • noxtics

      It’s not a crime if you buy a copy, the problem is you and I will buy the game but there are also man that use the I am going to buy it reasoning and then don’t buy the game.

      I really hope something happens and a fix is put in place to stop this …the industry is taking hits from things like this.

      There have been tons of companies that closed because of piracy too.

  • I doubt it’s a crime but keep that extra copy to yourself!

  • Thatruth86

    lmao yall are funny .. but i dnt think this is going to hurt sells for the fact you wont get anything if u are to download so who ever downloads it stupid unless there are those who dnt care n have a pirated ps3 but if so fck em

  • aquaman22

    Let the hacking Commence! thanks a lot GeoHOtz or whatever your name is dude. You’re ruining everything for people who love gaming and who SUPPORT the developers who work their asses off. In the beginning it was cool with the iphone “oh hey thats cool you made it work on a different carrier”, but dude you’re now taking away from people’s hard work. I’ll be damn if i’m gonna let some ass just scare away developers from making great games like KZ3. which is why i will FULLY SUPPORT them by buying ALL the DLCs that they release! I did it for Warhawk which is an AWESOME GAME!!! Aqua Out!!

  • Thatruth86

    Dont bash geohotz like that the man is a smart man . but he has nothing to do with the leak of kz3 like i said said everything will always pirated no matter what … cant stop the consumers interests on seeing what they can do with it they payed for the product so why not open it up .. that should be allowed in opinion but pirating no keep it illegal.


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