Killzone 3 Video Review

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We had planned a video review of Killzone 3 and actually had the video ready before my HDD burnt out. But anyways below you will find the video review for Killzone 3. Apologies for the delay.

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  • aquaman22

    Hey Rashid, great video review man, and you mentioned you beat the game in under FIVE hours which is insane, but accurate because almost every gaming website has stated the same thing. This is really disappointing but would you say if you rushed through the campaign for review purposes or was it something where you took your time playing through it? Because idk for some reason I think it’ll take me about maybe 8-9 hours to complete, so I’m just wondering. Aqua Out!!

    • Rashid Sayed

      Nope I never rush through my campaigns. Plus we had the copies for a good amount of time (atleast 6 days before the text review went up), so there was no need to rush through. Plus as I mentioned in the review the game on trooper difficulty.

  • Thatruth86

    Great review .. Under five hours pshhh im alwayys play on highest difficulty .. I see playing through campaign feels the same as 2 accept new Mechanics.. And only one big boss battle that u ya had the game for that long already lucky u but all in all it was good review good game n cant wAit..

  • aquaman22

    Thanks for the update on that Rashid, that’s really disappointing. I can probably tell you exactly what happened….they probably chose to break up the team to focus on MP aspect of game, which took away from the single player campaign. I can understand that the biggest drawback of KZ2 was the MP, but they should have found some balance. In the end it doesn’t even matter because KZ3 is gonna be sick! Aqua Out!!!


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