Killzone Mercenary Blackjack Trailer Reveals Pre-order Bonuses

When war is your business. And business is a’booming.

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Guerrilla Cambridge is busy as ever on the upcoming Killzone: Mercenary, set to release for Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld. The game aims to condense the Killzone 3 experience down and provide a meaty campaign mode for all kinds of players. In this latest trailer, we get a look at the so-called “businessmen” of the conflict between the ISA and Helghast.

More than anything else though, are the pre-orders. Guerrilla Cambridge is offering the “Blackjack’s Briefcase,” which includes a Double XP Boost for the first 48 hours in multiplayer, along with an in-game cash bonus for loading up on weaponry. And speaking of weaponry, those who reserve a copy at GameStop will receive the M224-A1 Light Machine Gun for use in multiplayer and campaign mode.

We’ll be looking forward to see how Guerrilla Cambridge packages it all together into a cohesive, entertaining game when Killzone: Mercenary releases on October 10th 2013 for the PlayStation Vita.

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