Killzone: Shadow Fall Graphics Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

Apparently, people don’t care *that* much that it wasn’t really 1080p.

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Killzone Shadow Fall (2)

When it came to light that, in spite of Sony’s aggressive marketing to the contrary, Killzone: Shadow Fall wasn’t 1080p, a lot of people were pissed. There was the same, routine, expected sound and noise on social media and gaming boards like Reddit, NeoGAF, or Gamespot, but many figured that would be it.

That was not it. Some people were, apparently, so mad at Sony over the entire thing, that they decided to take them to court for it. By which I mean they initiated a class action lawsuit against Sony regarding the game’s misleading advertising.

The lawsuit was dismissed yesterday, and settled out of court, Courthouse News reports, although we don’t know the terms of settlement (and likely never will).

At the very least, I guess people will be more careful of marketing their games with promises of graphics they are unlikely to hit? Ubisoft, I am looking at you here.

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  • d0x360

    While I think this lawsuit is somewhat silly it was also important so its unfortunate it didn’t keep going. Sony said the game was 1080p and it wasn’t. Fact. Plain simple verified fact. Had this lawsuit gone forward it would have been good for gamers. Why? It would have set precedent in a court of law that flat out states it’s NOT OK to lie about a games features or specs. Thats important because almost every company does it in one way or another and we give them our money trusting them. That trust should mean something… It used to.

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      Guerrilla Games explained it before the game was released so Guerrilla Games never lied about it and they never false advertised it. You Xbox fan boys need to accept it.

      Then why has Microsoft not been sued yet for lying about DRM, Kinect, Resolution on Xbox 360 game cases, their price drop, the cloud, false advertisement of The Witcher 3, among countless other lies?

      GTFO you looney fraud!

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    “Settled out of court”

    So basically Sony admitted it and didn’t want to get found culpable.


    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      It means Sony won, just like they should have. If Sony really did false advertise Killzone Shadowfall (which they didn’t) and admitted it (which they didn’t) then the court would have proceeded with the case (which they didn’t) and Sony would have been forced to compensate the plaintiff (which they didn’t).

      It was obviously the guy who started the lawsuit who backed down because it wasn’t possible for him to win. Nobody buys a game based on 1080p resolution alone like this guy claimed he did, because resolution doesn’t make a game not blurry. His case was laughable.

  • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

    Nope, Killzone Shadowfall multiplayer was 1080p and Guerrilla Games explained it multiple times before the game was released. Everyone knew that the multiplayer wasn’t going to look as good as the single player due to the framerate difference.

    There is no such thing as true “native” 1080p because games render different resolutions internally. Some games games have sub1080p textures and more, but they’re still considered “native” 1080p. Killzone Shadowfall does not use a scaler chip. It doesn’t matter if Guerrilla Games would have downscaled the textures, lowered polygons, or used temporal reprojection in order to hit 60 fps, it’s still “native” 1080p because they did not lower the resolution and upscaled it with a scaler chip. You guys at Gamingbolt are a joke, just like everyone else who thinks Killzone Shadowfall isn’t “native” 1080p. Technically, there is no such thing as “native” 1080p.

    The guy suing Sony was obviously a liar and the court threw out the case with prejudice because the guy wanted compensation for damages that didn’t exist. Just because a game is “native” 1080p doesn’t mean it won’t look blurry. That is not how games work.

    You guys lost and you can’t use this against Guerrilla Games any more.

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