Kilzone 3 getting patch gets detailed

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Killzone 3 is yet to release but Guerilla Games has already announced a soon to be released patch for the game.

According to their community website, the patch will take care of several niggles.

Here’s the full list of fixes below:

  • Support for color-blind players
  • Implement unranked custom games for players to create private or clan matches
  • Enhanced custom games functionality that will allow players to:
  • Control over games modes and settings
  • Secure games, allowing you to invite the players you want to play with
  • The ability to prevent abilities and weapons from being used
  • Toggling on and off functionality, such as ribbons, skills, explosives, etc.
  • Selecting which careers you want available to players
  • Allow friendly fire to be turned on or off
  • Faction switching enabled or disabled
  • The Clan Officer role will be added to clans
  • Separate turn speeds for hip-fire and ADS
  • Overly enthusiastic death screams will be toned down
  • Increased the amount of kills required to win a Guerrilla Warfare match
  • Increased Accuracy ribbon will have its effectiveness lowered
  • Likewise, the Bullet Damage ribbon will have its effectiveness lowered as well
  • Matches will end if the other team forfeits (i.e. too few, or no players on the enemy team)
  • Matchmaking enhancements that will close and merge games based on player count, which will keep games more full
  • Balance factions out by moving players to the other team at the end of the match if one team is lopsided
  • The ability to turn off HUD markers for point pop-ups and objectives
  • A menu option to allow squad-only chat
  • The addition of a Mute All button
  • Scoreboard flickering will be fixed
  • Clans will no longer get matched against other clans that have many more players than they do

They also said that several key issues have already been fixed before the game hits stands later this month.

They also state that this is just the first patch of many which will make the game even better.

Killzone 3 releases later this month in US and UK for PS3.

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  • dh4645

    nice custom games! there is some white box with white text there and you can only read it if you highlight it….are they secret updates. hah. thank god about those death screams. they were so damn annoying.
    a lot of awesome fixes there…so awesome of GG to listen to us.

  • Thatruth86

    Thats a lot of fixes for a patch niceee .. guess thats what we get out of a beta .. “) .. .GG always listens to its fans but kind disappointed it doesnt give same feel as kz … n lol @ deaths tones yea kind of stupid that everytime i fall down theyd scream no matter what but it was funny…

  • aquaman22

    I’m a HUGE fan of custom games going back to the Resistance Fall of Man game which to me is the best MP game for PS3!!! I’m excited to see that the devs are working around the clock to get last minute bugs squashed. This is why BETAS are needed in gaming. I dont like buying a game and first thing i have to do is download a patch because as a consumer, when we buy things we EXPECT them to work as advertised. But when it comes to KZ3 I really don’t give a damn! lol Aqua Out!!!

    • Thatruth86

      WEll no matter what we are going to get patches for games or not bc every game has to have a release day and no matter if there still is bugg they have to release it ..thats why not all games games have betas so patches are most of the time good n some not . And kz3 will have more patches not just this one watch ..

    • dh4645

      of course it will have more patches GG is awesome with listening to their fans and fixing issues. i’m sure they’ll be 4 or 5 patches.

  • Thatruth86

    Thats absolutely right they do and will have more ahead .. now that reminds me i havnt been on the kz forums in a hot minute . … wth support color blind playeers hmm i wonder how thats going to work but thats a lot of fixes for 1 patch


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