Kingdom Hearts 3 Drive Forms Discussed, Final Fantasy 15 Receives ‘Title Trailer’

What kind of Drive Forms should KH3 have?

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Kingdom Hearts 2 may be the most well-renowned game in the series. Not because it introduced a sweeping number of changes in combat but also because of its Drive Forms. The Drive Forms allowed Sora to combine with either Donald or Goofy to unlock powerful new forms with new attacks. Later in the game, new forms would open up to further increase Sora’s power.

The obvious question: Will Drive Forms be making a return in Kingdom Hearts 3? One way to go about it would be to include ways to directly customize Drive Forms rather than unlocking attacks by killing “X” number of enemies. The unpredictability of the forms make them interesting but a little more finesse would be intriguing. Also, how about Drive Forms for other characters or even Party Drive Forms? The possibilities are endless.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 15 has received a new “Title” trailer, which you can check out above. It’s essentially footage culled from all the gameplay trailers and cinematics showcased till now, so take it as a short recap of all the action thus far. It still looks really pretty though.

Both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy 15 are being developed for Xbox One and PS4.

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  • CJ Smith

    Command form
    Color: Brown and Green
    Keyblades: 4
    Power: All your allies you’ve unlocked (summons) and your allies for the world you are in all come to your aid and help you kill your enemies.

  • Rasheed Jackson

    Kingdom hearts info was completely useless(slow news day?) but nice FF Trailer 🙂

  • KeyToDestiny

    Galactic form
    Color: Space (So its all black with star movement)
    Keybades : Every single one you’ve unlocked so far ( kinda of like how xehanort uses the keyblade storm when he fights the birth by sleep trio in the climax battle)
    Power: Time and Space. Everything goes through you when you don’t move, so as long as you stand still or don’t attack every move the enemy throws at you will not connect. therefore you have to time your attacks precisely. you also float, if that wasn’t obvious.

  • KeyToDestiny

    your ideas were great but one piece of constructive criticism is the creativeness of the names. jolt, frost, dark, and light form. i think you could have thought of more creative names like: instead of Dark form: Abyss Form, or instead of Frost Form : Subzero or Arctic Form, or instead of Jolt Form : Thunder God Form idk, or instead of Light Form : Heaven Form or Angelic Form or maybe even Spirit Form idk. just some ideas. the point is to be creative. i’m not trying to shun your ideas, i think they are great! i’m just trying to help you take them to that next level ya’know? well anyway thanx for listening and awesome video man : )

  • KeyToDestiny

    sorry for so many comments but one thing that also crossed my mind was if you thought of any keyblades and their names and powers cus i drew some of my own.


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