Kingdom Hearts 3 Wii U Petition Begins, Final Fantasy 15 To Have Different System Compared To FF13

BE THE CHANGE (or something).

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44. Final Fantasy 15

A petition has begun on to motivate Square Enix to bring Kingdom Hearts 3 to the Wii U. It appears to be aimed towards Senior PR Manager of Square Enix David Yang.

“Kingdom Hearts 3 needs to come to the Wii U. Not only because it would be a good fit and get the Wii U more sales, but because I don’t feel like dropping nearly $400-$500 to get a console that will be getting the game.”

Despite needing 100 signatures, the petition is currently stuck on 50 signatures overall. What a change 100 signatures will make.

On the flip side, series producer Yoshinori Kitase has talked to Digital Spy about whether elements and mechanics from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII would be seen in Final Fantasy 15. “The next Final Fantasy game in the series, XV, was announced last year, so you’ve heard about that. That’s actually been developed by a different team to our one here, myself and Abe-san here, who made Lightning Returns. They’re probably going to be doing something quite different and using completely different systems in their game.

“From our point of view, the team we’re involved with, for our next game – it’s quite difficult to say really but no, we’re probably going to be doing something quite a bit different. Maybe some influences somewhere but I don’t think we’ll be using exactly the same systems and the ideas in the same way.”

We know that FF15 will have it’s own unique battle system and share some mythological links to FFXIII. Both Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 will release for the Xbox One and PS4 in the coming years.

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  • Rasheed Jackson

    Can the Wii U even handle FF 15? Its tech is closer to last gen and not even last gen could handle it….Also the Wii U sales are in the mud. There is no reason to put a game of this scale on a console that might not even make square any profit.

  • Los Illuminados

    KH3 for the Wii U? good luck with that. looking forward to KH3 on the PS4. as for FF15, it’s more trash with FF name on it. FF10 was the last good FF that they made. speaking of FF10, i am looking forward to FF10 HD. not FF10-2 only FF10. heh. how i miss the old JRPGs style of the past.

    • RellicCausgmin

      FF12 was decent, 11 and 14 were online. 13 sucked. But 15 looks promising. I’m letting you know your opinion sucks.

  • Daniel

    Check out this petition instead.

    It has 1500 signatures. I really want kingdom hearts 3 on Wii U. I don’t think it’s fair for square-enix to put it xbox one, and not Wii U. Despite xbox never getting a KH game before. While nintendo handhelds have had 4 KH games.

    • Joel

      Because the Wii U is too weak? A concept Nintendrones don’t seem to quite grasp?

  • coolasjustin

    it needs to come to the wii u? lol this reviewer is dumb, you should have a bought a console that its gonna be on not a wii u and hope that they’ll bring it to it. lol wow great logic.

  • Peniz

    100 signatures will not change anything! Wii U is to weak! And Square Enix isn’t so stupid to waste their money for a project, which wouldn’t work!

  • Solid Snake

    Kingdom hearts 3 should only be a PS4 game. I believe its pretty stupid of them to put it on the xbox as it may cost more money to optimize for it than they will actually receive in sales revenue. There are xbox users who play kingdom hearts but not many. I would have no problem with it showing up on Wii U but I wonder if it could even handle it.

  • pokemon151

    honestly i dont think the wii u will get FF but i want to KH


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