Konami lost the source code for Silent Hill 2 and 3 resulting in HD Collection’s poor quality

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In an interesting turn of events, it has been revealed that Konami has lost the source code for Silent Hill 2 and 3, which resulted in a massive bug quashing period for the developers who ported the games to the HD consoles.

They had to work with an unfinished build, and also fixed some issues that the original developers of the game had to fix in their final build. It is incredibly hard to believe that a company like Konami can lose the source code to, what is, one of their best franchises.

“We got all the source code that Konami had on file – which it turns out wasn’t the final release version of the games,” senior associate producer Tomm Hulett said to 1UP.

“So during debug we didn’t just have to deal with the expected ‘porting’ bugs, but also had to squash some bugs that the original team obviously removed prior to release, but we’d never seen before.

“A lot of assets such as textures and sound had to be taken out of the compiled game, and that brings with it a host of unique issues, especially taken on top of the tricky coding workarounds at play in the original games. We certainly had our hands full.

“I think at one point Heather was blue,” he added. Now if you are wondering why the HD Collection doesn’t have fog and other effects the PS2 version had, this is why.

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  • Caniggia

    Having worked for Konami for three years this is not surprising.

  • Some Random Dude

    You’d think Konami’d have the sense to save that stuff after releasing both Greatest Hits editions and even Director’s Cut editions with added extra content… That’s a HELL of a lot of data to lose for a game they’ve ported over so many goddamn times…

    Next they’ll be telling us they’ve lost all the files for the entire MGS franchise, too… e_e

  • Xander

    Poor excuse though. Still seems no one was strong enough to bite the bullet, stand up and say it just wasn’t in a fit state to release. Whatever the excuse, the finished product is just highly disappointing.

  • Cody

    I have to say, this is definitely an example, one of many, as to how Komami has failed to care for the Silent Hill series, and it’s very unfortunate, because some absolutely brilliant people have worked with these games and most of them are quite amazing at heart, but recently Konami’s quality control and marketing efforts for them has been lackluster at best.

    That said, I didn’t personally have any big issues with the HD collection on the 360. I thought the whole thing came together fairly well with the exception of a few questionable textures and somewhat less dynamic for effects. Overall I am happy with it, but it could have been better and would have been if Konami hadn’t messed things up.

  • Panzergrenadier

    there was a hole here. It’s gone now. another thing in Silent Hill 2 is a newspaper. There is a news about Walter Sullivan.
    Two things you can see in Silent Hill 4. I think Silent Hill 2 told us Silent Hill 4’s content.


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