Leaked Diablo 3 Beta Screens

Blizzard are currently running initial stress tests on battlenet for Diablo 3 with the friends and family Beta run: Blizzard employees, of which there are nearly 5000, invite five people to join in the testing and it seems at least one of these folks has posted a few screens or, for the more sceptical among you, is at least claiming to. A full gallery can be found at Diablo IncGamers where the screens were originally posted.

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  • http://Website TheSabi

    FnF betas are based on the development team, it’s not 5 per employee and it’s SURELY not a stress test. source: I’ve been in the ones for WoW since TBC.

    • James Reith

      Thanks TheSabi and apologies for the late response. I gathered my info on the friends and family beta, not being a part of it myself, from a few other sites and, from the sounds of things, it must’ve been hearsay. Thanks for letting me know.

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