Legacy of Kain Could Get A New Game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

‘There is a 50/50 chance of that happening.’

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legacy of kain

Crystal Dynamics may be known for working only on the Tomb Raider games these days, but not so long ago, they helmed the fan favorite Legacy of Kain action adventure games too- a series that has long been dormant, but has seen its fans clamor for its return for at least as long.

Speaking to Australian website Finder, Michael Brinker, who is senior designer on Rise of the Tomb Raider, said that a new installment in the franchise not as out of the question as its long hiatus would have you believe.

“It’s a 50/50 chance,” he said. “We have in-house developers who really want to make that game. It’s interesting because people look back at our history and our franchises and see that we have some really iconic IPs. So gamers wonder ‘Where are they and what are they doing?’ Well, we’re always tossing around and talking about ideas. It really is 50/50.”

The Legacy of Kain does have a very vocal fanbase, and the games had a unique flavor all of their own- I think I speak for many when I say that a new entry would be greatly appreciated.


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  • ShoNuff

    I spoke with a couple of guys, from Crystal Dynamics, almost 10 years ago, after they had started doing Tomb Raider games and urged them not to forget Legacy of Kain, and they assured me they were working on something…..well where is it?

    • d0x360

      It was canceled a couple years ago. All kinds of leaks about 6 months ago.

  • d0x360

    Here’s the problem…well 2..OK 3. First off the last game ended on a pretty major cliff hanger so fans like myself want it wrapped up and its been so long how do you do that? The only way is basically to remake all the older titles.

    Second and potentially most important the series was written by the icon Amy Hennig who while still in the industry has long since left the company. You might have played other things she wrote, look her up chances are you have.

    Lastly the cast of the original series was for lack of a better word perfect. This was a series that put story and acting on a pedestal long before good story telling and acting in games was a thing.

    True the series mechanics haven’t aged well they are still very playable especially defiance and anyone who is a fan of really good story telling should check them out. You can tell why naughty dog hired Amy and without her they probably wouldn’t still exist which is why I find it absurd that the current brass at ND chased her off. Sony..were they smart should have stepped in and said hold up guys this woman is a god damn legend.

  • Holeybartender

    If they do make a new one,they better make it multiplat so noone misses out on this great franchise. No exclusive deals,no parity crap,available to EVERYONE.Period.

    • Bertha Stollings

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    • Mark

      Yes so true. Although ultimately it’s about business with publishers and who pays for marketing etc, platform holders should just focus on first party games. A game like Legacy of Kain needs to be played by all of us.

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