Lego Worlds Cheats And Cheat Codes: Unlimited Studs, Infinite Gold, Money, Treasure Chests And More

Some tips and tricks to make the game easier.

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In the tradition of old, awesome video games, LEGO Worlds has cheatcodes- honest to goodness cheatcodes that you can enter into the game to unlock cool stuff, and manipulate the game beyond how its usual rules dictate. Should you? Well, hey, that’s up to you guys, we’re not here to judge or to tell you you’re wrong for playing the game however it is you feel like playing it.

First, a quick tutorial on entering cheatcodes in the game:

Now, here are the cheats to unlock vehicles:

Lance’s Twin Jouster: XP3BN2
Police Car: P42FJ6
Getaway Car: BG7DWK
Pizza Van: U98BR2

Some additional cheats:

LV9C8M: Lock and Roller
BR1CK5: All bricks unlocked


What’s more fun than wrecking the economy? Wrecking the economy in a video game, and getting unlimited everything, so that nothing stops you from getting what you want. If that’s what you are aiming to do, then the following videos should really be right up your alley. Some of these are glitches and exploits, and so, if they are patched out, they may no longer work. You have been warned.

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  • Carmen Carsino

    These look like cheats for PC. The BR1CK5 does not work.

    • Irredeemablis-Patrioticus

      You sure you used the #1 instead of the LETTER “I”? Your comment shows the #1, but did you copy paste? I ask because I did the same thing, just found out from another site it was the #1, I haven’t tried it yet, but the this article lists another code, the LV9C8M, but it’s not a ‘V’ it’s a ‘Y’ = L’Y’9C8M.


      To be clear, this article correctly lists all codes EXCEPT this one:

      1) LV9C8M, but it’s not a ‘V’ it’s a ‘Y’ = L’Y’9C8M.
      The ‘BR1CK’ code IS listed correctly here, I just missed it here and caught it there.

    • Gloriaepalmer

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    • Rainbow Bright

      It is correct. the BR1CK5 code does NOT work on xbox one. it gave code invalid error last night.

      (yes, using the corresponding numbers, not letters)


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