Little Big Planet 2 Beta Codes Giveaway

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Check the winners here.

Hey Everyone! We got Beta Code Vouchers for Little Big Planet 2 for you. The thing is we have got just 4 of them and so unfortunately there could be only 4 winners.

So how do you get them, its pretty simple. We at GamingBolt are working on a lot of community features and we wanted some sort of a feedback from you.

1. First of all just vote on the poll below:

[poll id=”39″]

2. What do you guys like about GamingBolt and what do you dont like and features you want to see on GamingBolt. Mention these in the comments below.

The best answer will get the codes by email so dont forget to leave your emails. And ye, contest closes next Monday 25th October 2010.



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  • LittleBigPlanet 2 is what i’m excited to play! I played the Medal of Honor Beta and was very disappointed, but hopefully not this!

    • i really want to win this beacuse i really like little big planet2 the reason i want to win this is beacuse my dad said i might be able to pre-order it but i wasnt sure he was being sarcastic so please let me have it please im only 9 and i dont have a phone so i cant get keygan and i hate surveys beacuse they always expect you to have a job so please let me have it and my frieands are really intrested in it so i can share it with them

  • Hello,

    One thing I love is that don’t only focus on the consoles, but also have a PC section and Apple section. The website layout works well, and the information on the website is quite helpful. One thing is the colours, since the website looks a little dull for it’s purpose. A forum and literally any info extra info would make the website all that much better. Also the facebook, youtube, etc is useful, since I use these a lot. Maybe a chart of games and their ratings, the console and genre, and ranking would go well together.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get the beta key, I’ve been working two weeks and this is the closest I’ve gotten to a chance.

    Best wishes,

    PSN: yingus
    YouTube: llama2alpaca

  • Thanks! Oh and for your level, you could have the main character get brought to a hotel by a “seductive” female sackbot into a room only to discover she’s a time bomb set to detonate in 3… 2… 1… Then run and smash out of a window and grab the nearest lamp post before you plunge to a torrent of speeding cars. Then let go and land on one and defeat or avoid pursuers trying to slow you down and in the middle of all the suspense, an explosion of one of the nearby cars destroys the bridge and just before your car falls, you jump into another building only to be chased down by a helicopter. Then the rest is up to you. My idea anyways. I was gonna use that.


    • THIS WEBSITE? (Redirects me to the “Travian Browser Game” whatever.)
      Just posting it up again. 😛

  • olivialovesdogs

    Like many people have stated, I found this website looking for LBP2 beta codes. I spent awhile evaluating and exploring your website. I hope you can use my comment to improve it in the future.

    Cons- what I don’t like
    -Registering (Word Press)
    -The Store
    -The Layout

    Right after you register you are directed to Word Press. I find that rather annoying and without purpose. I don’t quite understand what it is or what it does — I am not a fan of it. Maybe there could be a different page we are directed to after we sign up. I also am not to fond of the store. I love that you have a store, I just don’t like how it’s set up. The layout doesn’t do much for this site. It’s rather stale and uninviting. I think you could make it more appealing by adding a background and/or making the text different for the main subjects. The people who view this website are gaming people so I think they expect more of a “gaming experience” when navigating thru your website. The gamers that come to the website are used to interactive, creative games so the website is a little tame in comparison. Making larger, separate banners with the words “Home”, “Microsoft”, “PC Gaming”, “Sony”, “Apple”, and “Nintendo” would help. I like what you did with the colors at the top, but take that a step farther.. sorry if I’m just babbling on…I just feel this layout is a little bland, but has a lot of potential. It’s a great beginning to what could be an awesome website.

    Pros- what I like
    – Registering
    -Friendly, Active People
    -The Content

    Even though it is a little bit of a contradiction, i love the first part of the registering process. It is very simple and quick. it doesn’t force you to give personal information to sign up, which wastes time. Some people aren’t comfortable with sharing information either, that makes your signing up process a breeze. Everyone here seems very friendly! The whole site seems very active, which essential for a good gaming website. The people in charge seem down to earth and kind to the users. The people seem respectful and mature. I definitely find the community here to be a reason to stay. Your logo is excellent! As I was saying before, your websites logo/design could use the logo as an inspiration for text and colors on the site. I think it’s a great logo and website name. The content is a big plus, too. Everything is great, but I’m especially fond of the reviews.

    I think it would be useful to add an obvious, easy to find “Help” tab or section for new people to find FAQs and information on the website.

    Keep up the great work, Gamingbolt! Overall I found this website to be a place worth sticking around. I think I can gain a ton from being here and I can’t wait to see how it will evolve and grow into something even more astounding!

    My PSN is olivialovesdogs and my e-mail is Thanks for the opportunity to win a code Gamingbolt, I really appreciate it. Good luck to the rest of the contestants.

  • alv89

    first of all I want to say greetings from the beautiful city mexico
    I want to thank the team of gaming to bolt for this blog and let of express Our points of view of your website Which I think is one of the coolest(I Would Like The Other videogame websites do the same)
    Following the points of view I give below are for you guys to take the most appropriate content to help you guys improve gaming bolt

    my opinions and expressions are with respect and admiration for you guys because I admire the effort you make for gamers like me to keep us Informed About all new about game consoles

    I’ll start saying the things that I don’t like that could change or improve the website

    1. the website header because the letters are too small and not very visual the colors are too bright I could noticed a small hypervinculos except home
    the hypervinculo only works with the letters I thing it would be convenient if the hypervinculo was all around the rectangle and be more eye catching
    you guys could use images of the gaming systems or the logo or the joysticks
    besides of the enormous spam that is on the header is more visible than the content of the website
    I think you could move the advertizing to the bottom and leave the top header for the content of the website because I think the most important part of a website is the header

    2 the combination of colors are not appealing (don’t catch my attention ) the gray color doesn’t catch my attention I believe that the colors of a video game website it should be bright colors like red orange blue thinking of the majority of the people who visits this the website are teenagers like myself

    3. spam I thing there is way to much advertizing on the website even when I open gaming bolt and I click on a link immediately spam pop ups and that’s very annoying I understand that the advertizing is the key for a website to survive but at the same time it makes me not wanted to visit the website as a like to and that could affect other viewers to look for alternate websites
    in my opinion I would balance the advertizing with the content of the site (example) leave the most visited links with little advertizing and put the rest of it on the bottom of the website

    4.the images of the reviews that u guys use could be more striking like Introducing text and edit them in Photoshop I know that the copyright is very annoying but I know that we can get creative and get our own ones I can support you in that I can edit images and stuff like that for free Im an expert on photoshop to edit images this is an example of an image I create SEARCH SITEwe could use search options to make it faster to find what we are looking for ..example We Can Put That only look for ps3 xbox apple etc. and male the writing text bigger

    6. I think the box were resistance 3 grand turismo 5 and god of war needs an update u guy can use that box to put the newest videogames in there for all consoles not just for ps3 including wii and xbox I think the way it is u guys are using way to much space

    7 THE LOGO you can create an image a drawing or character that distinguishes this website from the others example create a character were a lighting volt makes difference and use that lighting as a logo

    and finally I think that be very cool if you guys can update the apple section more often because the last update was 18 days ago knowing that apple release more that 10 apps daily
    also for the Latino community you could put a translator so that we can more easily.. I know I understand that this would be very difficult because the page would occupy way to much space but that would be very nice to have that that’s my opinion

    1.-the things that I really like were all the valuable information about the video games, its very easy to understand straight to the point it, and are up to date on video games

    2. that would be very cool that if we could have more videogames websites like this because it always we are going to find something that other website doesn’t have but the important is that keep us up to date in video games

    3. also that we can share information and points of view on other social networks like facebook or tweeter that way all of my friends would see and read the reviews and news that would makes me very happy

    4. in general the website is very complete full of valuable information easy to understand there is only minor details to fix but I wish u the best and I hope you can improve even more the website
    thank you in advance to make this kind of competition for us and give us always the best and make us feel very comfortable on the page
    I hope you have served my comments and am very serious about the image editing if you need my help with that I will support you with that
    and if I can help u in any way just let me know don’t hesitate in sending me an email.
    i hope win a voucher code thanks RASHID!.

  • I really like the layout of the site. The tabs at the top are great, and keep things easy to navigate. The things I look for most on gaming sites are reviews and news, both of which are here and easy to find. So I really like that.
    The ads that are at the bottom of each article are kind of annoying, but that’s really the only negative thing.
    A feature I’d like to see is forums. It’s always nice to have forums in a website, it’s a nice way for feedback and let people discuss things.

  • This site is an awesome source for everything that I love! Honest and interesting reviews! (Unlike IGN!) I like the layout of the site it’s nice and simplistic. And I really enjoy checking up on the site! There really isn’t any certain feature that I dislike but I could say adding a forum would be nice! Anyways, I appreciate that you took the time to read my comment!

  • nightmare729

    My email:

    I like how the site is organized and I also like how you do massive amounts of contest.But you can change the layout of your site for holidays and or seasons.I do hope you increase the amount of contest
    please choose me in your favor. 🙂

  • I would love to get the beta and this website is great the layout is perfect and its the only site i use please can i get the beta please! Oh and i also like how everything is so awesome theres only one bad thing (being honest) the pop ups are annoying! Thanks sincerly Callum

  • Ive never been to this site before but the fact that you’re giving some people beta keys is good enough for me!
    The things that I don’t like is the fact that not everyone can get one! 🙂

  • i want the beta plz!

  • Man I have got two reasons to let me have it I 1. because I absolutely loved little big planet 1 and 2. because i’ve always hated how PS NETWORT does this kind of thing they’re always unfair cause the only way u can get some beta codes (is to very active on PS NETWORT) its a bunch a bull I’ve been playing online for the past FOUR YEARS and not received a single damn one well thanks 4 reading. ZERODAKID


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