Lords of the Fallen Dev Acknowledges Comparisons to Dark Souls, Offers Own Take

Executive producer says it’s up to people to acknowledge whether the changes made are positive or not.

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Lords of the Fallen

Say what you will about Lords of the Fallen, CI Games’ dungeon crawling action RPG, and how it compares to Dark Souls. But when a game like this becomes a success and has a sequel on the way, does it really matter which game it apes (especially in this day and age)?

Apparently it does to some and executive producer Tomasz Gop spoke to Game Informer about how he responds to such comparisons.

“If someone tells you, ‘This place feels like your parents’ house,’ you can’t tell them it’s not true, even if you don’t feel that way at all.

“Or like what the Oracle told Neo in The Matrix – it’s like being in love. Uhm…I guess, what I mean is, no matter how much we see Lords as a game of its own, if someone says it feels ‘totally like Souls’ to him/her, I can only acknowledge that.

“The issue is not whether these comparisons happen or not. It’s rather whether people who base their judgment on it will see things we’ve done differently as automatically inferior because they’re…not like Souls. Hope not.”

The critics at least agree they’re not the same though some believe otherwise. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments.

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  • d0x360

    I have it, it has a game breaking bug in the first 45 min that apparently will never be fixed. That and many other bugs aside the game is…alright. Its certainly no dark souls that’s for sure. The only thing it really has going for it is its easier than a souls game but at the same time the hit detection is wonky, the camera and targeting system is broken and the frame rate tanks for absolutely no reason at all in the middle of fights.

    • Twisted_rail

      I have no objection to the Lords of the camera except for some not fully understood at the behavior of the camera in tight spaces. Besides, all ok.

  • Guest

    How about telling them to fix the framerate 9make it more stable, or better yet, fully stable) and get rid of all the tearing. Why is there even tearing in PS4/X1 games when the systems have 8GB of RAM? That’s plenty of room for triple buffering. I can understand the X1 maybe not doing it because of its reliance on a tiny 32MB pool of memory, but whats the excuse for the PS4? These devs seem to make some of the weirdet choices.

  • Samrus

    For me nothing wrong with that this two games is similar. Comparision will be allways when one game will comes out after first one. I was playing on this games and I have a lot of fun during play on it.

  • moreThanZero666

    everyone likes to compare. The game was inspired on the DS and other games, that is the one detail that every game has to be compared to another game? it’s all a bit exaggerated ….

  • KitKat

    It’s so senseless talk about anything. Why would someone want to explain something, which has long been known. Besides, on the strength not to convince anyone. And anyone who’s played Lotf, knows that the game is similar, but different.

  • Miras Kawet

    Honestly I don’t care how much one game (LotF here) is similar to second one (DS). I want from all of games a lot of great fun and LotF gave me this.

    • Rahim

      I have exactly the same! and if someone likes DS more because he thinks that Lotf is too weak, it has the right to do! I have already not enough of these comparisons reading!


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