Lords Of The Fallen Gameplay Footage Looks Great At 1080p

Smack it again! DODGE DODGE!!

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Straight off the bat, this does indeed look like it’s just going to be Dark Souls on steroids. And I am soooo ok with that. Look at this Tyrant chap? All he wants in this life is to beat you bloody, cook you nice and quick and eat you. Granted, I don’t know if he will actually cook you and eat you after you’re dead… but he does want you dead, make no mistake.

Also, it’s damn beautiful. Just look at it! Animations are heavy, swinging weapons look as though there is actual momentum carrying the swing, mixed with the soft shading and particle effects, Ces’t magnifique.

The only time I spotted something jarring enough to actually notice was at 4:17 when there’s some dodgy lighting going in the top left portion of the screen. And stealing someone’s heart from a vase, that’s just hardcore. Very, very hardcore.

And Infiltrator? That’s something straight out of Lovecraft’s nightmares.

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  • GHz

    NICE! :D…

  • Starman

    I guess you didn’t see the screen tearing …????? lol and lots of it , and plz don’t say it’s my PC , trust me my rig is up to date …

    • bardock5151

      But those tears are in 1080p so they are glorious and beautiful, they probably run that gloriously torn 1080p at 25-54 fps but again beautifully locked at 60 fps. *sarcasm.

  • Mark

    I was excited about this game earlier this year. But after seeing this combat, eeww. Just my opinion. Oh well. Movin towards Dragon Age!

  • rodney patrick

    the game looks like crap


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