Man to wed a 2D virtual girl in real life

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Well we as human beings marry real human beings. But this case is very much different. A game named Love Plus is the reason behind this unusual bonding between a real guy and a 2D virtual girl. While playing the game, a guy met one of the virtual girls named Nene Anegasaki and fell in love with her. The gentleman’s interest grew so big that now both of them are getting married.


The catch point about this game is that unlike usual dating simulations, the player has to take out the girl on dates and buy her stuff and all the things you would make your girlfriend happy in real life. The groom is now waiting for his wedding reception which will take place on November 22nd, 2009. I wonder what is next in the world of gaming?

Here is some more information about the game:

  • The player has to increase their abilities by studying, working out and solving problems of their virtual girlfriend
  • If you fail, the game will restart after 100 days
  • Real time dating with your virtual girlfriend

Also folks check the video below to know more about Love Plus:

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  • toc


    1.) Some of the most pathetic people on earth live in Japan.

  • John Woods

    Wow thats amazing dude. Shes cute. Id marry her too! Does she have a sister?

  • Bob

    Does she know that she isn’t real? How would one go about marrying someone who doesn’t understand her current context? Does she know that she is in a wedding? Will she say I do?

  • Dan

    What is the name of this man? Where does he live? How old is he? What does he do for a living? Why does this article sound like an advertisement for a dating sim?

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  • Meg

    I’m not sure if I understand my current context either. Is it really a requirement?

  • You Suck

    Also, just to nitpick, EVERY SIM makes the player “take out the girl on dates and buy her stuff and all the things you would make your girlfriend happy in real life.” This is not unique, but commonplace.

  • Frank Johnson

    I had a 6 week relationship with his “soon to be wife”. She’s not all that great of a date. She did cook & clean well though I have to admit.

  • Tim

    She’s a cutie, but sadly only digital, I’ll stick to real Asian girls I think!

  • lkj

    the girl is 3d, not 2d

    • wolf man

      wait i thought 3rd was with the glasses?

  • Dude

    Just get the Wedding DLC.

  • Pickles

    sounds like it’s a joke. No real info was given in the story – also who’s going to marry them off? No priest would do that because it makes no sense. Also we’res the citation for this – sounds like it’s being made up

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  • wolf man

    hay he’s happy and at least he dosnt have to deal with the nagging most of us men have to go through XD

  • Neo

    It’s all about Matrix. Believe and you will see.

  • Daniel Hazelton Waters

    I would marry a virtual girl. But not anything we have today. About 20-30 years from now technology will be enough for fully self aware and feeling A.I. If you don’t think so look into memristors and quantum computers. I believe that I will also be augmented with sub cell sized robots.

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  • zachary

    at least he is happy? btw is there a english version for this

  • kyle

    needs to use poor guy


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