Marvel vs Capcom 3 Is Here and DLC Is On The Way – New Tips & Trailers

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Thor, Captain America and Ironman in Costume Pack 1 Cominf March 1st.

It might not be out in the UK until Friday, but here in the US, it’s crazy and it’s Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds!  Check out our review of the game right here.  The game is actually living up to its hype so far which is rare in the gaming industry.  It just needs that good old Spectator Mode in lobbies which blows me away they did not include with the launch of the game.  There are plenty of unlocks in the game including intro movies, directly below is the best of all of them so you can get a peak at it before you unlock it. There will even be a costume pack out on March 1 for $5/800 Microsoft Points on the Playstation Network and the Xbox 360 Marketplace. A new video featuring the final roster can be seen below as well while you can check out all the screens of the gang in there first DLC Costume Pack over at Capcom Unity.  If you just starting off or you think you are a pro, more knowledge is always good, so you can check out one the best fighting game sites out, Shoryuken and learn all the combos among other things right here as well as a basic guide right here.

Head to Head All Dawning The Costume Pack Outfits Coming in March.

The Final Roster

Thanks VG247 and Joystiq.

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  • If this DLC isn’t free, then I wait until Capcom release Super Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two World’s Ultra-Omega-Edition: Galactus Returns!

  • yodathe3rd

    i agree with that capcom is not really into doing the free dlc thing so you will pay a lot and eventually they will bundle it into a bigger dlc pack then they will put it on another disc like a year later but the DLC looks cool at least.

    • noxtics

      from the looks of things and tales of past this game is going to get milked in the dlc department and really bad too …and like you guys say they are going to make a version that includes everything and milk it some more lol

  • Thatruth86

    WTH DLC on the already crazy i guess only for those who are really a fine bc costume packs i wouldnt pay for its not worth the money and its useless but w.e sells for them

  • aquaman22

    This game is very sweet looking! I used to play a lot on playstation so i’ll be looking rent this game. Again deal breaker because megaman should have been there with his puppy! and I don’t feel like paying money for some dumb costumes. Aqua Out!

  • noxtics

    this has barely hit the streets and there’s already a dlc for it? and it’s costumes? if this is a small amount of content this should have been included in the game i think.

    • aquaman22

      @ Nox the one thing i hate about fighting games, is just that. They come out with these “DLCs” right? OKay have you ever taken the time just to see how big of a file it really is that you’re downloading when you purchase these supposedly “Cool Costume Packs”? they’re miniscule!!! they’re like 100 KB! so to pay 5.99 for these “Awesome” costume packs is like shit man the size of the file tells me that it practically takes NOTHING to make them in the first place! Why not release some of these Free!! you’re already going to charge for EVERY marvel and capcom character that will come out and trust me there’s gonna be names that you (the consumer) never even knew existed! Aqua Out!!!


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