Mass Effect 3 PS3 has performance issues

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Digital Foundry is reporting that Mass Effect 3 PS3 is slightly less stable than its Xbox 360 counterpart. If you have played the demo, you would know that performance was a little iffy in the PS3 version, and it looks like the final retail version has the same problems.

In other words, the demo was the correct representative of the final build. We are reviewing the PS3 version as well, and will keep you updated on how it is.

Meanwhile, you can check out our glowing review of the Xbox 360 version over here. The PS3 version reportedly runs at 20fps in heavy action situations, and while it’s not exactly game breaking, it’s a little annoying.

According to Digital Foundry:

However, with retail code of the new game now available, we can confirm that performance on the final PS3 release is extremely similar, if not identical to that of the stuttering demo code.

The game seems to be heavily optimized for the Xbox 360, and the PC version seems to be broken as well.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • charles2029

    They must have focused on the platform with the strongest multiplayer infrastructure (because of the shoehorned multiplayer), and left PS3 & PC to wait until a patch. Just a wild guess anyhow.

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  • Pc-gamer

    PC rules, fps=60/s 1920-1080+AAA !!!

  • Musser64

    Get a Ps3 they said.
    it will be AWESOME, they said.

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