Mass Effect 4 – Bioware has plans for another full game (and a new IP)

Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age 3 and an all new IP? Things couldn’t get better.

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This might not come as a shock to much of you, but hearing about it so early does. Mass Effect 3 was released in March this year to tremendous acclaim and sales (and a lot of controversy), and the team is already working on a new Mass Effect game. Not just DLCs, a full new game in the series.

Aaryn Flynn said this in his letter on the BioWare blog after he talked about the retirement of Doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, the founders of BioWare, and went on to talk about the company’s future.

“Executive Producer Casey Hudson and his team are coming off an amazing eight-year run with the Mass Effect trilogy,” Flynn wrote. “But they’re not done yet. We are releasing more multiplayer content and we have more single-player stories coming throughout the next six months, including Omega which is coming in the Fall.”

He then dropped some really momentous news. “But the Mass Effect universe is vast,” he continued, “and Casey and our teams have plans for another full game. “Where to go next?” with such a project has been a question a lot of us have been asking, and we’d all love to hear your ideas.”

Of course, this isn’t an official announcement, but it’s better than something. We’ll take it.

But what about those new IPs fans have been begging for? Is BioWare just going to milk two franchises from now on?

No. The devs are working on something new as well. Flynn wrote that the teams are working on an all new IP based in an all new world and built on an all new engine, while also reaffirming that a new Mass Effect is being developed.

He said: “Both Dragon Age and Mass Effect started as single games but grew into vast universes. But we aren’t stopping there. While Casey continues to oversee the development of our new Mass Effect project, he and his leads are putting together their vision for an all new game set in a fictional universe, built from the bottom-up with all new gaming technology.”

Sounds pretty exciting to me.

BioWare also officially announced the third game in the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age III: Inquisition yesterday. More details here.

We recently posted an article on what we would like to see in Mass Effect 4. Read it here.

What would you like to see in Mass Effect 4? What do you think this new IP will be about? Tell us in your comments below.

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  • I wont want to see a new Mass Effect, EVER.
    Mass Effect 3 ruined everything for me, The only interesting thing left from Bioware is Dragon Age, And if they fuck that up as well I’m am over with Bioware.

    • Luigi

      Bioware already fucked up Dragon Age with the second game in the series.

      I knew EA was getting more involved with Bioware’s projects and all they care about is money, I have no doubt that EA leaned on Bioware to alter ME3 and DA2 to make them more marketable to a wider audience and therefore make more money. In Mass Effect 3’s case I have no doubt that the writers intended for everything to be closed off (with a multitude of endings, not just 3, all of which reflected decisions made throughout the series and fully closed off Shepard’s story etc) but were then ‘leaned on’ by EA and subsequently left things open for a sequel regardless of the ending acquired (even if Shep dies you have all this indoctrination stuff which is plausible and could be incorporated).

    • Well, I’m just sorry for you. Mass Effect has been the best thing that ever happened in my life.

    • it’s like that for everyone cuz you get to follow your character, shep, for all those years and watch him go through so much. You watch people die in the first one, i.e. Kaiden or Ashley, and it gets more intense in the second one in the suicide mission with the epic music that gets so many people pumped up. And the 3rd one with the emotional music that makes some cry. Sad.

    • yes they messed Dragon Age up too with DA:2. They should have followed the story line from Origins:Morgan and her little god child, Alistar, Liliana, and that guy named Sten I think his name was. In the second one, they dumb it down and make it easier and it just screws up everything. I want to know what happened to the main character of the first one, cuz you really never hear much of his fate. Alistar mentions him to you towards the end of the game when he gives you a souvenir that belonged to the main character of the first one.

  • Dima R

    I don’t want any prequels. I only care what happens next. Bioware has to find a way to continue the story. Flashbacks into the past, is OK I guess. I’d also like ME4 to be twice longer than ME3, with more story and cut-scenes.

    • If they do ME4, I think it will be twice as long as the other 3. I think the only thing that made the others long were the side missions that you had to go and do. I hated some of those, especially the 1st one because you had to mess with the little Makko and those thresher maws would come out of the ground, one hit and you’re gone. If they do part 4, no more side missions. And I sure hope we get a new type of enemy that no one has heard of, maybe a couple of centuries after the 3rd one.

  • A. J. Paper

    Two words: Space Battles. And not that gummy garage bull that SW: Old Republic has. I would like to see fleet-scale ship vs. ship combat on an infinite (or just reasonably large) grid, complete with x, y, and z axes. It would be preferable if players controlled the larger ship classes ranging from frigates to dreadnoughts. I realize this type of thing exists in MMO, but all I have to work with is offline console play due to internet considerations. It seems like it has been quite a while since anything like that was on console.

  • even the though the ending was kinda…. “short” it leaves much unexplained that is….I think Mass effect is one of the best universes in gaming history.

    I can’t wait for ME4 I CAN”T WAIT, my face is already melting for wanting ME4 so bad 😛

  • p

    i’d like to play as James in the new mass effect 4!


    mass effect 1 to 3 you explore the galaxy next I think the universe but I think
    it in the next gen because I don’t think the ps3 or 360 can handle it.

  • ewww I hate prequels… I just want ME4 to pick up where ME 3 ended plox

  • crazyjay

    think it shud iclude a good ending like me2 when you decide if a squad mate lives or dies but shepard may be dead may be not but if he or she is ed maye focus on garus or someon else to carry on shepards legacy

  • carl22swe

    i whant to play as an asari it wold be realy cool. or like if you had an romance whit liara in all the games and play as shepars and liars kid that wold be awesome

  • Mass effect is one of the best stories I have seen and if they could continue off from where shepards body is at the end and it shakes to show that he is alive thatwould be awsome! I would pre order right now! the ending left you wanting more and it wasn’t an ending but a new start.

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  • crackajaxx

    is it really necessary to drag this circus sideshow on? seriously I can’t imagine how in the fuck they would make another game in this universe of mysterious ghost children and red green and blue space magic. ME3 already arguably has one of the worst endings ever made in a game, guess casey just can’t stop getting his lulz can he.

  • shoot they got ways to connect stories like mass effect and dead space. its easy to place isaac clarke into the mass effect universe.after all he is an engineer for cec. they already gave isaac an n7 suit in dead space. then you have master cheif from halo which is almost a mirror image of mass effect or more correctly mass effect mirrors. shoot with the ice planet and the evovled looks of some of the things you fight on the ice planet is a way to do a capcom EA cross over game with lost planet. if i can see these ways of connect games surely the ones who made them can. hell they could do cross over filler games. after all what transpired derectly after citadel battle in ME1, or after the destruction of the alliance normady sr1 and during the 2 years shepard is being rebuilt. then there is after mass effect 3’s multiple choices and the dlc’s cloned shepard. so many possibilities, a galactic galaxy of possibilities to work with. i know i looking forward to the next ME game.i just hope the next gives more choices like designing your own ship and space battles as well as great stories and game play like what all three ME titles and all there dlc did.

  • though i hope they do more story conent then doing multiplayer. i for one love and perfer the story based games over the just run around shoot them up nonsence games that only point is to run around like chicken with head cut off and shoot anyone and everyone over and over. multiplayer games i only find fun for 5 minutes past that i grow bored with them. i like games with stories far more entertaining the deeper the story the puzzles to solve challenging fights. the kind that you start and intend to play only for an hour or two and you look up and see that you played far longer now those are games.multiplayer is ok but not every ones cup of tea.not every one wants to play with people they don’t know.i don’t. playing with friends and family on couch or over internet yeah. also no one wants to pay $60 for a game and then have to do it again to play it.thats insane to pay twice for something weather its a game or internet. its why i’m loyal to playstation i don’t have to pay twice to play with friends unlike xbox. i like xbox games but as said before its insane to pay twice for something you already have.

  • Jim

    i would like to see the Quarian Geth Rebelion


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