Mass Effect Andromeda New Details: Voice Casting Not Yet Done, Co-Op Multiplayer Return Hinted

The lack of voice actors at this point is interesting, but it’s hard to know just how interesting.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Since Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced, we’ve been getting a drip here and a drip there when it comes to strong pieces of information. People working on the team have let some things slip every now and then on Twitter, but this week we got a veritable smorgasbord of rather eye-raising info. As has been the case since the game was announced, Chris Wynn has been quite active on Twitter making sure people are getting a bit of a look behind the scenes at the creation of this game.

This week, he let slip that the voice actors for the game still haven’t been hired. He also said that Bioware was getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on that move. This surprised at least one Twitter user, who asked if that was a sign that development had been delayed and the release window should be pushed back to something beyond 2016. Wynn quickly put those concerns to rest, replying that this was all according to plan. The development director is certainly not a rookie when it comes to this sort of thing, so we’ll have to believe him when he says the game is still on track.

Wynn also dropped some rather good news for long time fans of the series. Another Twitter user asked that he please leave a co-op multiplayer option in this new game. Wynn replied that her wish was his command. Considering that’s always been one of the funnest parts of the series, that’s good news indeed. Mass Effect Andromeda is due out for the Xbox One, PC and PS4 sometime during the Holiday season of 2016.

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  • william

    Love mass effect hope this game is as good or better then the first two can’t wait.

    • James Fitzgerald

      You mean three.

    • william

      I was referring to game quality of the first two obviously you did not understand.

    • James Fitzgerald

      The first game wasnt that great it had a lot if flaws, the second was better the third was good but the ending was just totally mishandled. I understood but all three games are good in their own way.

    • CERO

      Agree, Mass effect 1 = great opening, great world, great universe, great story phasing, horrible controlling and combats.
      Mass Effect 2 = amazing controls, great characters,but customization suffered a lot and annoying minigames.
      Mass Effect 3 = good controls, better customization, ok characters, great build up but terrible simplified ending.

    • ink_knight

      Third wasn’t bad, 2 was my most favorite but I liked 3 as well

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Not too long ago, they said they’re doing mo cap and voice acting separate, so they most likely have done almost all the mo cap at this point and soon may begin voice casting to fill in the voices for the mo cap actors, which doesn’t take too long, so it’s plausible they’ve taken this long to get to that part of development.

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