Mass Effect Andromeda: What Do Fans Think About The Paragon/Renegade System?

Fans voice their opinion.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

A while back we talked about what we might expect from the Paragon/Renegade features in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Now it appears the fanbase of the long running series is talking as well. The game’s developers in Bioware haven’t shed a ton of light about the game, instead it has hinted at a lot of things. In order to fill that void, fans have been entertaining themselves talking about the Renegade/Paragon System.

Gameranx has grouped many of the conversations about the system, saying things about their desire to see the choice wheel changed a bit. Other users such as Marcos1598 had the top response on Reddit, stating that he wanted a return to the themes of Mass Effect 2. In contrast to Mass Effect 3, where Renegade Shepard laid waste to so many races to get support, ME2 Renegade Shepard was mostly focused on the missions.

Other users have pointed out that the Paragon/Renegade system doesn’t allow for shades of grey when it comes to the conversations. For this reason, a number of Reddit users want the Paragon/Renegade system in the game to stay away from conversations altogether. Of course, because these conversations are going on between fans of the game and aren’t involving Bioware execs, there isn’t any indication those conversations are going to lead to any actual outcomes in the game. We’ll have to wait just a little while longer in order to see what will be in Mass Effect: Andromeda when it is due to release before March 2017.

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  • SethComa

    I would like to see a more fluid system that is more grey-scale but also has extremes. like the d&d alignment scale with chaotic good and chaotic evil etc. one thing that really annoys me about the ME2 system is that the interrupts only allowed one choice.
    if MEA is going to have interrupts, they have should have more than one option for each event.

  • Robert Barton

    My biggest problem with paragon and renagade is that it hurts the roleplaying aspect of Mass Effect like it discourages me from playing of my sheppard as someone who is in between a good or evil person and making me choose one or the other


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