Medal of Honor: Warfighter Reviews Releasing Only on Launch Date

Thank Electronic Arts, as usual.

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In case you were aware, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the sequel to Danger Close’s modern day reboot of the series, is coming out on October 23rd for North America. But you might not think that, given how no reviews have come up in the past few days. Has the game been delayed? Cancelled? Deleted from the Internet.

Not really. According to several publications and online sites like Gametrailers, Electronic Arts just didn’t send any review copies out. Yet. From Gametrailer original podcast, “Just want to talk a little about our Medal of Honor: Warfighter review. Our review is going up pretty late. EA has decided not to send us copies of the game until the day it ships. If you’ve watched the show over the last few years, I think you know: BUYER BEWARE, maybe?”

It’s since been confirmed that Electronic Arts will be sending out review copies only on the date of the game’s release, as confirmed by Gamespot’s Kevin VanOrd via Twitter.

“That is true; we did not receive review copies of Medal of Honor. We won’t start playing until the game is released.”

So it seems we’ll only start seeing reviews the day the game releases. A sign of things to come? Hopefully, this isn’t just EA playing the “don’t need negative criticism” card.

Source: NeoGAF

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  • Johann Botha

    The pirates will give the early reviews…..

  • Damienc1985

    No reviews before release day usually means there is something they are trying to hide, until the game is released and hopefully to stop people reading the reviews before they buy it.
    Due to the lack of a PC beta I am not buying it for the full price, I will simply buy just the key from a key site and then play it but only after the reviews have been seen.
    I tried it on the Xbox and the game just looked really poor, and felt more like Battlefield 3 than a Medal Of Honor game of old.
    For me though I have enough games to keep me busy if this turns out to be a flop, with the new COD game, Halo 4, Need For Speed Most Wanted and others.
    I just hope Need For Speed is not as much of a poor console port to the pc as The Run was.
    Anyway it’s not looking good for MOHW.

  • This is smart of EA. Everyone is going to compare this game to either CoD or BF3. They don’t want someone reviewing the game that isn’t a fan and gives it a low rating which would hurt sales because people can’t think for themselves. The beta was fun so I’m def buying this game. Besides we don’t need a review on a FPS, the story will be okay at best like any other FPS that relies on multiplayer and we all know how the multiplayer is going to be.


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