Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain Isn’t ‘Too Dark’ According To Kojima

The story of revenge is going to be dark, but there’s some freedom in just how dark.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain

Now that we’re seeing more and more of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain there are a number of different rumors floating around the web. Chief among those rumors is that the game has actually been made a tad too dark this time around. In particular fans of the series are saying the newest trailer casts the plot as being darker than the games in the series have been in the past. In order to dispel that notion, Hideo Kojima came out from the shadows and talked about his creation on Twitter.

While the Twitter feed is going to be hard to read if you can’t speak Japanese, there is also a helpful translation. Kojima clearly took offense to people judging the game at all based off of one trailer. In particular Kojima said that he feels people need to look at more gameplay than what is in the video. At the same time, he also admitted that there are some dark elements in this game, but just how dark it goes is up to the player. “The degree of freedom is high. That’s the positive tone that I would like to remain in this world. That said, among that gameplay, the story develops darkly.” He said.

Kojima laid out that the game is a story of revenge and because of that, there are going to be some dark elements. Players are going to have to build up their base and make their tech that much better. As the player goes along they will even have to work out who they want revenge against. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain is due out for the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on September 1.

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