Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Out in Fiscal Year Ending March 2015 – Analyst

Konami could also release a “smaller” Metal Gear this year.

Posted By | On 14th, Aug. 2013 Under News

Senior research analyst David Gibson has recently stated via Twitter that Konami has a “smaller” Metal Gear game planned for this year, while Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain wouldn’t be out till the fiscal year ending Marc 2015.

When Metal Gear Solid V was first announced, it first went by the name Ground Zeroes before The Phantom Pain title surfaced. At one point they were two separate games, then two segments within the same game, and then two separate games again. Gibson’s tweet seems to indicate that the “Ground Zeroes” title, which dropped off the radar when Metal Gear Solid V was officially subtitled “The Phantom Pain”, may still be around.

Or it could be something else entirely like a sequel to Metal Gear Rising that had Raiden as the protagonist. Anything is really possible at this point and Kojima loves shocking the fans. Maybe we’ll hear more at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, scheduled to take place from August 21st to 25th.

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  • TopHatProfessor1014

    2015? I hope it doesn’t take that long. I’m expecting more of Q3/Q4 2014.

  • kansasborn2314

    Wait…but this was from a research analyst. Maybe he’s wrong.

  • cheezer

    IS THIS LEGIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Magi Kat

      no proof, just a guys guess

    • cheezer

      but it sounds like it could be true…doesnt seem like a guess

    • cheezer1234

      but ti doesnt sound like a guess

    • cheezer

      but it sounds legit

    • cheezer

      does he work for konami… and what is this other mgs title??? damn it too much under wraps

    • Magi Kat

      he doesnt work for konami

    • cheezer

      are you sure?

    • smells like teen crap

      yes he is sure Kojima’s website did not even mention anything.

    • cheezer

      how would you know he’s sure…konami keeps everything under wraps..maybe this guy spilled the beans

    • fred figglehorn

      obviously konami wont confirm it right away…it takes them so freaking long to confirm even smaill info -_-

    • paul tandum

      is your only response is that konami didnt confirm it yet…wow that doesnt prove anything

    • smells like teen crap

      so a game is gonna come out in 2015? come on mr know it all tell us

  • Magi Kat

    There is no confirmation by Konami.

    • smells like teen crap

      yeah that guy is bogus

  • Genola

    Smaller MGS is Ground Zeroes. Mr. Kojima has always been saying that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain together make up MGSV. I suppose they are going to release them separately after all IF this tweet is true. Ground Zeroes first and then The Phantom Pain

    • Stego Andretti ✈

      He already stated that they are the same game. Ground Zeroes serves as the tutorial .. Phantom Pain is the main game.

    • Luke Michael Hodgson

      Valid Point There! I’m Pretty Sure He’s Excited To Unleash Something Upon The Masses Of Fans He Has, Will Give Players Something To Occupy Their Time Whilst They Wait Patiently For TPP, And Of Course The Legacy Collection, Then Again; MGS (1998) Is Due To Be Remade Also, But Likelyhood Is It’ll Be Ground Zero’s.

  • DCTheTruth

    Hes another bs analyst, just like the dude that made those crazy gray fox is big boss theories. So i don’t believe anything that comes out of a mgs5 analyst mouth. Only official announcements.

    • Stego Andretti ✈

      Exactly, & that crazy Gray Fox is Big Boss guy is “PythonSelkanHD”. He’s a retard.

    • Magi Kat

      No, he is a legit analyst. I just won’t believe him because i want mgo3 asap.

  • DCSpectre

    Really? I thought the very latest this game was gonna come out would be in summer 2014.

  • Stego Andretti ✈

    Don’t pay this any mind. MGSV will be out by Summer 2014. Kiefer Sutherland is already done his job for MGSV. They’re currently working on the online mode. Wouldn’t take them 2 years to finish it. If he was a “good” analyst .. He’d at least be verified on twitter. You guys saw the trailer .. You see how much is done. Expect it to be done by Summer 2014.

  • Jacey Jay

    It was said In an Interview after E3 that they hope It to be released at the end of the next fiscal year, which will be march 2014 and not the fiscal year after (2015). The Fox Engine that they have built Is to make games more quickly, more efficiently. They have shown a few Trailers since the Ground Zeroes trailer last August and I think that is more than I was expecting. So I don’t think it will take that long to complete. To be honest I feel that maybe by December comes and the VGA (Video Game Awards) event happens I’m hoping that will reveal the release date. I think it was back in May Kojima said on his twitter page (i think) that ‘MGSV needs more time to complete’. So i was thinking 6 more months maybe….?

  • Jacey Jay

    Think about it though GTAV trailer was first released november 2011 – release date is september 2013. MGS:GZ trailer released august 2012. now with the fox engine able to create games quicker than normal, but still has great quality i am thinking Q1/Q2 2014. this is just my theory though, but hey could be true you never know. so it could be between march – june 2014 when MGSV will release. Also it was said that Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain are not seperate games. They both make up MGSV. That was said by Konami via Twitter etc.

  • Kevin Murphy

    Check this out release date in the link below for MGS V, id believe this one first because its to be released for ps3 ps4 xbox 1, 2015 my ass.

  • Big Boss

    ground zeroes is basically part 1 of metal gear solid 5… kind of like a prologue, or like the virtuous mission was to metal gear solid 3.. its been announced that its part of mgsv. it takes place 9 years before big boss awakens from his coma. its not a prequel to metal gear rsing… wtf? lol

  • Luke Michael Hodgson

    Way Too Soon For A Revengeance Sequel, Remember It Only Came Out In Feburary This Year, I’ve Got A Feeling It’ll Be Ground Zero’s Or Possibly A Vita Exclusive As It Isn’t Doing So Well And The Price For The Handheld Was Also Reduced In Japan As Well.

  • swinny

    Well, at first i was expecting MGS5 by the end of this year, then i read in the Official Playstation Mag that its going to be out summer 2014, now this.
    And i thought the wait for the end of this year was agonising! This is by far my most anticipated next-gen title, every time a numbered MGS drops it changes the game(pun intended).
    Oh well, i guess i have great games to do me till then, Deep Down, Killzone Shadow Fall, The Order 1886, The Division, Destiny, Resogun, Shadow Of The Beast, Knack(imma old school guy), Planetside 2 etc…. the list goes on, but i want MGS5 more than all of these 🙁

  • Jacey Jay


  • Max

    Fuck that rising-shit! I want MGS!!!!<3


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